Why People Do Not Read Books Nowadays?

Why People Do Not Read Books Nowadays?

Why People Do Not Read Books Nowadays? The question that has been on my mind for so long. I’ve seen many people who either refuse to read books or make fun of someone who loves to read. In this era, such people do EXIST.


I would like to keep this article as short and meaningful as possible. Because I don’t want to beat about the bush today. I will talk/write to the point. Yeah, why people do not read books nowadays? I suspect, the advancement of technology to be blamed. Technology is working like an oxygen mask in this generation. People check their smartphones before even brushing their teeth in the morning. They scroll all day long but dread to read just 10 pages of a book in a day. Why?Why People Do Not Read Books Nowadays?

I remember that day when I asked my colleague; ‘do you like to read books?’ and her reply was simple or rather irritated; ‘No, I couldn’t read academics (course books) and you are asking that silly question’. I was speechless. Most of the people I met in my 20 years of life, pretty much none of them showed any serious attitude towards reading. Maybe that’s because I am born in a country where Facebook/Instagram newsfeed is most important than making a career.

Why blame others? When there are people in my surroundings dread to read but are comfortable with their smartphones all day long. They are comfortable in meaningless gossips, talk negatively about every other person. They are wasting their lives, just sitting there doing nothing except home chores or using a smartphone.Why People Do Not Read Books Nowadays?

As I mentioned earlier, the advancement of technology to be blamed. Yeah, that’s because in Pakistan the Internet is available at the cheapest rates, also smartphones are now in the hands of every little child. Now, I am going to shortlist 2 major reasons why people do not read books nowadays.
Note: these are the reasons that I believe are destroying our youth.

  • Modern Parents
  • Easy Access to Technology/Smartphones

Modern Parents

You might be wondering, or you may not. Why did I mention parents? Parents play an important role in our lives, they are the reason behind every successful or unsuccessful person. Nowadays, parents don’t pay much attention to their kids. For example, if their kid starts to cry and they will calm their 2 years toddler with a YouTube video (WTH). Giving him a smartphone at such a young age could destroy his mental health.

I understand, letting your kid watch cartoons on TV is completely fine, but while you are busy with home chores don’t let your kid watch a YouTube video on his own. Even if he/she is watching cartoons but try to avoid giving them a smartphone because that’s the root of all problems. Maybe its because I live in Pakistan where only a few parents encourage their child to read.

Easy Access to Technology

By technology, I mean social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or YouTube. These are the most disturbing platform made to keep people busy, engaging, distracted. Ever wonder, how you found yourself so comfortable scrolling through newsfeed which is full of funny/emotional memes. you just sit there are and probably would scroll all day but never seem to be bothered or disturbed/tired.

But for instance, if I ask you to read just 2 or 3 pages from a book, tell you what, you will yawn. I can guarantee you that, you will yawn! if you are one of those addictive to social media persona. Checking your smartphone every second, in case you might have missed something. I can guarantee you that, you will YAWN!Why People Do Not Read Books Nowadays?

Spoilers! The technology was made to keep people busy or addicted. These social media platforms are keeping an eye on every one of us. They are watching us, where we go, what we do, and making their research complete we further share our little joys of happiness on Insta/Facebook. Tell me one thing? is it necessary for people to know how you’re doing in your life or what are you up to? is it really necessary? No! because 80% don’t care, while the rest will be glad to see you happy/sad.Why People Do Not Read Books Nowadays?

In Pakistan, the internet is available at the cheapest rates. The smartphone is available in the hands of every other child. No parental restrictions (especially for boys) because cultural values are only for a girl (sick of this).

Why People Do Not Read Books Nowadays?

In my opinion, many people are used to this modern age technology (smartphones/Internet) rather than reading books. They have everything they want to know at their access. They want to know about something (Google it), they want to search for someone, Facebook is there. Want to see how others are doing, stalk their Insta profile. Simple as that. If people are feeling bored, YouTube is also there to entertain them. Ohh yes! then why bother reading? when there are other activities a person can do and enjoy.

Of course, there is a Kindle app where a person has instantaneous access to read books online, no? yeah, then why bother going to the supermarket to buy books? And our debate goes on and on. You would find 100 excuses to not read books or I’ll give you a hundred reasons why you should.Why People Do Not Read Books Nowadays?

Understand the fact, there’s a great difference between reading a book digitally and physically. Physical books are more engaging than digital. While you are reading on your Kindle app, once you get bored or if you are not getting what the author’s trying to say. You will be easily distracted and you’ll be on Instagram in a minute (that same anxiety of not missing out). See? there’s a difference until or unless you have enough control of yourself.

Books are wonderful, there’s a whole new different universe inside them. I love to read and whenever I read I find myself so indulge even I can’t hear my sister talking next to me. That happens (wink).

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