Where Have I Been? Why I Haven’t Posted on My Website for 10 days?

Oh yeah, I am back! Don’t be upset or rude, I was pretty busy with other stuff. Actually, There were so many things going on that I couldn’t figure out what to do first. And, I couldn’t continue to write on my website because of those things. Now, what are those things exactly? Umm ‘a new business start-up’ I mean ‘Readazon online bookstore’.


Yeah, you heard me right. I was working on my Facebook/Instagram page to sell books online at affordable price rates. You can visit my pages. Here are the links: Facebook & Insta. I am trying to make this business and this website woo-commerce based so that people will find it easier to place an order.

From where did I got this idea? reading and writing reviews about the books I thought I should start selling good quality books or maybe someday would create this website woo-commerce based. So I shared this idea with my brother to see whether it’s profitable or not. He said ‘Good idea’. And that was it.

This is where I was stuck and that is because I wasn’t able to post anything interesting on my website for a while. You know, what’s the hardest part of selling books online? To engage customers! To be honest, I’ve done many things, tried different tips & tricks to sell books but things are not going as the way I expected. Fortunately, I am successful at delivering 10 orders till now all over PAKISTAN. Since it’s start-up so I understand creating customer loyalty & brand awareness takes time. It’s not easy. There’s a whole lot of hard work.

But I am being patient. I have lots and lots of patience and it’s exactly what I am doing. Nonetheless the fact, every business requires investment and We invested. Still, we are unable to engage customers but don’t worry we are trying and won’t give up. Wait a minute, why am I saying ‘WE’? Well, it’s all because of my brothers. My healthy, supportive brothers. I could have never done all of this on my own. I wouldn’t. There’s real hard work honestly and without my bros, I could’ve never gone that far.

Grateful, thankful, to Allah for these angels to surround and look after me. ‘THANK YOU’. By the way, I never thought I would explain it all on my website since I was here writing about something else but I changed my mind (hehe). Well, stay tuned to my next article as it’s knowledgeable and worth reading.

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