Passion Meets Inspiration, an OBSESSION is Born

Ever heard that saying? ‘Do what you LOVE’ people always say that you gotta do what you love, what you’re passionate about, what your heart desires, you gotta work for it. The thing is, we don’t know that when passion meets inspiration an obsession is born. But, How can we figure out what we love doing while sitting in our comfort zone doing nothing but judging others on their ways of life?

You know, you can never accomplish anything in your life if you keep on stalking others. You will never make your dreams come true if you keep on watching, taunting, judging the ways of other people. We mostly, judge our relatives, colleagues, or even family members, we think we are superior on them, NO that’s EGO you got there, buddy you better get rid of it.

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When passion meets inspiration, an OBSESSION is born (Motivational)

We all got a life, it’s better to focus on your life rather than wasting it. The time when you focus on yourself, instead of others that’s the time you’re gonna find the best version of yourself. You gotta do what you love, you gotta be addicted to winning, you gotta cross the line that was never been crossed before. You ain’t got a bunch or treasure of money, you’re not born rich. You gotta work hard, you gotta work extra hours because you need to go further than the average guy.

When passion meets inspiration, an OBSESSION is born

You have to be obsessive, you have to be addicted, you have to be disciplined. People are dependent, they always get their stuff done by the individuals, for you stop looking for any kind of help from anybody. It starts and it ends with you no matter what. Always say to yourself ‘I am obsessed, and I’m willing to let the whole big world embrace my commitment’. Trust your instincts forget about what others have to say, you just do what you love and do your best at it.

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