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This is my site and I humbly welcome you all to the 21st century. First of all, I would like to mention that this blog post is not about hurting anyone in any case. I am totally being normal and friendly with you. But I must admit that the 21st century has been really cruel to me, and I understand there are a lot of people like me out there. This blog post is dedicated to people who are struggling, working hard, depressed, or frustrated.

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I am not trying to beat about the bush, I would like to come to the point. But before that let me take you back in time about decades ago. People were living their lives at best. I must say they were the only one experiencing every joy of nature has to offer. Indeed, their lives were not mechanized or advanced but they were living greatest than the people of the 21st Century. They were happy.

Our generation has become a slave of the unseen force. Now, what is that unseen force? ever wonder why there are people around struggling in their lives trying to achieve something but are unable to make things work? We have become a slave to society, where a man is judged on the basis of his qualification/job. Where a girl is judged on the features of her appearance, where people criticized each other without having a second thought.

Our society is cruel, our system is corrupt. Every day I see people, either they are going to their work or just passing by I see their faces always worried about something. I feel sorry for them, as I feel sorry for myself sometimes. Each one of us is worried about something, some have the fear of job, others worry about feeding their family.

We work hard but still are unable to get the results we want. WHY? why is that? because in order to get the results we must understand that only ‘Working HARD’ is not the answer. You need to be efficient. It has become a habit of the people of the 21st century, we stress ourselves out for little things. Overthink the things we can not control. Even though we know, Allah will not burden us with the things we can not control.

Depressed is the 21st Century, why? Social networking, I suspect to be the reason behind this. Everyone has social media nowadays, want to find someone? search on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. Stalk them, and see what they are doing in daily life. We have become so obsessed with all of these social networking sites.

The biggest addiction is smartphones. Smartphones are somehow using us and destroying our lives. But we people ignore this minor but the major problem that is going around the world. According to research, 75% of teenagers check their smartphones in the morning before even brushing their teeth. We are ruining our lives by getting attached to this device.

Another problem of our society that I would like to highlight before ending this blog post. Nowadays, ‘modern moms’ when they find it harder to calm down their baby while they cry, they simply give them a smartphone without even realizing how devastating this device could be for them in the future. This is what I find the most irritating thing. It makes me so sad when I see my cousin giving away her smartphone to her 2 years old son when he refused to eat. Like WHAT THE? he is just 2 years old if you can not control him now how do you suppose to control him later on?

Frustrated is the 21st Century. Age? 21? worried about the future, worried about what to do with life, where to go in life on a professional level, worried about supporting the family. In my opinion, the major problem is the lack of religious knowledge.

This world is cruel. This beautiful worldly life has an end, it just a bridge that must be crossed to a life where we go on forever. Then why getting depressed or stress yourself out on the things you have no control? leave everything in the hands of the Almighty Allah and trust your instincts the results will astonish you. ~ Thank you.

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