Ways to Spend Productive Time in This Pandemic

I’ve never been this much bored in my entire life honestly. This lockdown is making me crazy and I understand there are lots of people like me feeling the same. Lately, I decided to make some changes in my daily routine by including things I never have done before. Guess what? I found them productive, valuable, effective, and efficient. I hope these will add some extra spices in your life during this pandemic.I am bored during this pandemic

Today, we’re going to discuss ways to spend productive time in this pandemic. Keep in mind, the following is the made-up productivity routine that helped me so much with my mental and physical health. Without further ado! let’s get into it.


Ways to Spend Productive Time in This Pandemic

Learn a Language

Remember when we were in high school busy with our lives, talking about learning Spanish, Turkish, Italian or any other language? This is the time when you are all by yourself and you can learn a lot during this pandemic. Why not start today and now? Why not start to learn a new different language other than English? If you have ever planned something like this before, do it NOW!Do it now

I understand learning different languages is fun because if you ever got to talk bad about someone sitting next to you, guess what? you can talk in a language they won’t even understand (funny, but not funny at all). Why would we do such a thing? well, that is an incentive people have before learning a new language. Do not think like that, it was just an example and I would recommend avoiding it.Memrise language learning app

Yeah, these days I’ve been trying to learn the Turkish language. As you know, I am watching Diriliş: Ertuğrul (my favorite TV series of all time, honestly love it). Think about this, learning a new language can help you so much. The question is, how? relax, I’ve got your back. There are countless online learning websites and apps that can help you but Memrise is what I found easy and fascinating. It’s a language learning app, recently launched its new feature that includes thousands of bite-sized video clips. All of them are recorded by foreigners from their homes in this lockdown helping others to learn about their language and cultural values.

Learn to Cook

Honestly, this lockdown made pretty much everyone a Masterchef. I wasn’t a good cook before this pandemic but now there are lots of things changed. Even in this hot weather, I find myself occupied with ingredients in the kitchen making something new not just for me but for the whole family (it’s fun). I recommend giving it a try, learn to cook you will never get bored once you find yourself at ease enjoying listening to music, cooking is amazing.Ways to Spend Productive Time in This Pandemic

Although, cooking is not about making a meal it’s also about cutlery skills and presentation. You can improve yourself by learning cutlery tricks and tips during this pandemic. Surprise your guests, friends, and family also don’t forget to update your Facebook or Whatsapp status. Let the world know you’re working hard by keeping yourself occupied. I mean to show off!

You Don’t Take a Photograph, You Make It

Take up photography, if you’re a nature lover just like me then grab your camera right at the time of sunset and get to the roof. Don’t forget “you don’t take a photograph, you make it”. During this pandemic, try to see the world from a different perspective. Capture the beauty surrounds you. Learn to make a photograph that worth seeing.Ways to Spend Productive Time in This Pandemic

Organize your Wardrobe

In our wardrobe, we all have that one or two dresses that we will never wear again. It’s time to clean your closet, get those extra clothes and accessories, give them away either donate them in charity or pass them onto friends and family. To be honest, I am such a mess. I clean my closet but after some time I destroy it because I can not find anything good to wear and it’s a complete disaster (hehe that’s me). But in this pandemic, I decided to organize my wardrobe and keep it clean for a long time.Ways to Spend Productive Time in This Pandemic

Write a Novel

Although, it seems like a good idea I haven’t tried it yet. I was at some point deciding to write a couple of lines or sentences regarding a story that’s in my mind and I failed at it terribly (sarcasm) cause I am not a novelist yet I love to read them. Thinking about writing a novel is a good choice during this pandemic to pass the time. There’s a tool that can help you write your novel. NaNoWriMo. It’s a website, a community, a wildly ambitious writing event — and so much more!What is NaNoWriMo? How to Benefit Out of it?

Work Out at Home

Gym fellas, don’t be bored, and if you are missing the gym? Your Home is a good place where you can create your tiny gym, no? Working out at home can be just as beneficial for both your mind and body. Why not try out different types of workouts over the next few weeks and find that workout that works for you. I started to do some exercises during this pandemic and found them beneficial and I hope you can also try that.

Reading Books

Reading books are my favorite thing to do and my readers know that. I find myself very indulge, comfortable, happy while I read. I challenged myself to read as many books as I can during this pandemic. It is the most productive way to keep your mind working. Even though, on family occasions, I would want to read a book rather than sitting there gossiping. Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite authors of all time. You can find out his book collections and my reviews on them on my website that may help you choose what to read. Click Here!How to Read Faster and Efficiently a Book in a Week?

Okay, these are the things I’ve been doing during this pandemic. To be honest I found them productive, efficient, and effective for both my mental and physical health. I hope this article helps you find what you were looking for. Let me know in the comments below about what you are doing to spend time during this pandemic.

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