The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon Reviews, Ratings, and Quotes

Alright, guys, it’s review time! I hope you’re doing wonderful. Today we are going to discuss The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon Reviews, Ratings, and Quotes. Believe me, this article will blow your mind. As I finished reading this book I reviewed it on my Instagram blog but later on, I decided to write briefly about it. You know, Instagram has this characters limit on their captions, but here (WP) it’s unlimited!

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I am super excited to start this journey with you people. I am talking about this book. The Sun is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon is the cutest love story I’ve read or encounter (hehe sarcasm). Okay, sarcasm aside, this book is just a One-day journey of the two main characters Natasha and Daniel. It feels like the universe is revolving around these characters. Nonetheless, it’s a gripping, attractive, funny, and entertaining novel.

So, without further Ado! Let’s get to the review.



Should I introduce you to the author? Should I? Oh please, who doesn’t know Nicola Yoon? I mean she is such an amazing author. Actually, Nicola Yoon is a Jamaican-American, best known for her young adult novel ‘Everything, Everything’, a New York Times Bestseller. She published The Sun is Also A Star in 2016, which was adapted into a film.The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon Reviews, Ratings, and Quotes

Natasha Kingsley – Science addict, a nerd, lost in her life problems, an immigrant living in New York illegally. Natasha and her family will be deported back to Jamaica tonight. On her way to meet the best immigration lawyer in the state because she tries to prevent the deportation, she bumps into a handsome Korean boy. She is definitely not the kind of girl who fall in love so easily.
Daniel Bae – the son of Korean shopkeepers. He is ready for the interview with a Yale alum even though he is not a bit interested in that interview. He gets into fight with his elder brother, because Daniel was more appreciated than him. They are like enemies to each other. Aside from his family problems, he admires this beautiful Jamaican girl and wants to spend more time with her.
They met on this magical day where delighted events took place coincidentally. Friendly, funny, beautiful, heartbreaking, and yet fascinating the journey of Natasha and Daniel. Despite the odds, they fall for each other. By the way, I haven’t read Nicola Yoon’s other masterpiece but this one was really nice.

Ratings: 4/5


“Maybe part of falling in love with someone else is also falling in love with yourself.”
― Nicola Yoon, The Sun Is Also a Star


“We are capable of big lives. A big history. Why settle? Why choose the practical thing, the mundane thing? We are born to dream and make the things we dream about.”
― Nicola Yoon, The Sun Is Also a Star


“Sometimes your world shakes so hard, it’s difficult to imagine that everyone else isn’t feeling it too.”
― Nicola Yoon, The Sun Is Also a Star


“I don’t believe in love.”

“It’s not a religion,” he says. “It exists whether you believe in it or not.”
― Nicola Yoon, The Sun Is Also a Star


“Stars are important,” I say, laughing.

“Sure, but why not more poems about the sun? The sun is also a star, and it’s our most important one. That alone should be worth a poem or two.”
― Nicola Yoon, The Sun Is Also a Star


“I didn’t know you this morning, and now I don’t remember not knowing you.”
― Nicola Yoon, The Sun Is Also a Star


“The thing about falling is you don’t have any control on your way down.”
― Nicola Yoon, The Sun Is Also a Star


“People just want to believe. Otherwise they would have to admit that life is just a random series of good and bad things that happen until one day you die.”
― Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

Thank you for your precious time. I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I did. If you haven’t read this I would definitely recommend you should. Also, share your thoughts in the comments below that would be much appreciated. Have a happy day ahead 🙂

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