The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides Reviews, Quotes and Ratings

Great to be back after finishing a wonderful novel The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. Today I will give my honest reviews about the book including quotes and ratings. Choosing and reading a book is kind of hard for some people, they want to gather information about the book whether ‘is it worth reading or not?’, ‘if it’s interesting or not?’ or ‘Am I investing my time on a good piece of the book or not?’

All of those questions pop up in my mind, that’s why I’ve decided to invest my time in reading then let you guys know about the experience. Read this article till the end to know what a masterpiece ‘The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides’ is.


Oh yeah! That exciting moment when you’ve just finished a book, not just a book but merely a novel composed of 350 pages. You want to let the world know you have finished reading it because you are unable to contain your excitement. It’s like setting a goal and actually achieve it. For me, reading is not actually a goal, it’s like checking my ability of how many books I can read in a month or so.Invest Your time in Reading

Also, books never made me feel alone I always have felt like a companion, a friend is with me all the time. Some people can never understand what pleasure a book can give you, believe me, there’s a completely different universe inside them.

The Silent Patient Reviews

Ratings: 4.1/5 (on Goodreads)

The Silent Patient was resting on my bookshelf I decided to take a look. The back cover of the book says which actually caught my attention.

Alicia Berenson lived a seemingly perfect life until one day six years ago. When she shot her husband in the head five times. Since then she hasn’t spoken a single word. It’s time to find out why.’

Absolutely like any other reader I was curious to find out. I sit down and read the 50 pages easily, undisturbed, without any difficulty. But it was late at night so I decided to read in the morning. The point is, the novel is absolutely brilliant, appealing, interesting, unforgettably terrific, honestly, I am out of words to describe my best feeling about this book. The Silent Patient gained instant popularity, it became the instant #1 New York Times bestseller. Author The Silent Patient

Let’s talk about the story. Alicia Berenson is a famous painter. Gabriel Berenson, her husband is also an artist (photographer). Apparently, they both lived a happy and perfect life. So it seems until she’s found barely alive after murdering her husband, shooting him brutally in the face 6 times, leaving no traces of any facial features. The police found her standing by the firewoods, her husband was tied up in a chair with wires, and Alicia was also hurt because she slashed her wrists in an attempt to failed suicide. Her fingerprints were verified on the gun laying on the floor beside the body of Gabriel. She became completely silent after committing the crime.The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

For years in silence in a mental institution for the criminally insane, doctors have tried their best to help her find her voice and tell them about what actually happened. No one succeeds except ‘Theo Faber – a psychotherapist’ who seems to be obsessed with Alicia. Theo Faber’s story is also heart-touching, eyewatering. I could not spoil your suspense but I must admit I had no idea where the plot was leading until I actually got there.

I would 100% recommend you to read The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. Eventually, you will find yourself with an ending you won’t see coming. A must-read! This is the end of today’s article, do let me know about the novel if you have read it in the comments below. I’d be happy to read your opinions as well.

Quotes from the Book

“Remember, love that doesn’t include honesty doesn’t deserve to be called love.” ~The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides


“Choosing a lover is a lot like choosing a therapist. We need to ask ourselves, is this someone who will be honest with me, listen to criticism, admit making mistakes, and not promise the impossible?” ~The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides


“You know, one of the hardest things to admit is that we weren’t loved when we needed it most. It’s a terrible feeling, the pain of not being loved.” ~The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides


“You become increasingly comfortable with madness – and not just the madness of others, but your own. We’re all crazy, I believe, just in different ways.” ~The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides


“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive, and will come forth later, in uglier ways. Sigmund Freud” ~The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides


“Trust, once lost, is hard to recover.” ~The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides


“Somehow grasping at vanishing snowflakes is like grasping at happiness: an act of possession that instantly gives way to nothing.” ~The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

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