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The One and Only True Religion ISLAM (Part 2)

Welcome back again, I didn’t mean to prolong this topic but I can’t resist myself. Honestly, I tried my best to write it as short as I can but my heart keeps on saying ‘no that’s not enough’ and then I had to keep on writing. As you know, Islam is in my veins (Alhamdullilah). As I’ve mentioned earlier, the reason behind me writing about Islam is not because I am Muslim, but because to help you find all of your questions answered. I am sure at the end of this article you will also say ‘Islam is the only true religion’.

Let’s get back to the topic, part 2, is consists of Haqooq ul Ibaad means ‘duties towards mankind’. Islam is more than a religion, it is a way of living as well. The life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) reflects the teachings of the Quran and Allah. If you ever found yourself in a debate about alternations and differences in beliefs due to intersects and teachings from your ancestors, It is always recommended to open the Quran and verify everything yourself. Insha’Allah, your queries will be resolved.

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The duties towards mankind (Haqooq ul Ibaad) are also described in a complete manner in the Quran as well as in Hadith.

The One and Only true Religion ISLAM (part2)

A Good Behavior with your Parents -> The very first Haqooq, in Haqooq ul Ibaad is to respect and obey your parents. You can never deny, that the world’s most powerful relationship is between you and your parents. Never try to scold them or talk with them in higher voice in any case. You are only allowed to talk and ask about anything in a very calm manner.

Your paradise is beneath your Mother’s feet, always respect and appreciate her. Your father is the door to your Jannah (paradise), always obey and listen to him. It is our duty to respect and protect our parents when they get in old age, and we should take care of them just like they took care of us when we were young.

Rights of Husband and Wife -> You know, half of the man’s deen is completed when he gets married. Husband and wife is a beautiful relation. The devil (shaitan), often gets jealous when he sees a loving couple sitting together, he just wants to somehow cause a fight among that lovable married couple, it gives him enjoyable goosebumps.

The One and Only true Religion ISLAM (part2)

Islam is the religion that teaches both (husband and wife) should take care of each other, and also live with patience, harmony, and love. It is the duty of a Muslim woman to always respect, obey, support her husband. On the other hand, the responsibility of the husband to give respect to his wife that she deserves.

Haqooq of Poor and Orphan -> This matter is sensible, and we should never neglect our surroundings, taking care of poor and orphan is the utmost duty of a good Muslim. The system is Zakat sets a clear example, where people help and share from their income to the poor and needy people of the society. This is the right of poor, by the distribution of zakat, the wealth remains in control.

The One and Only true Religion ISLAM (part2)

Islam also gives a shield to the orphan, if a child who lost his father or both parents at an early age, his close relatives are responsible to take good care of him. Taking care of an orphan is a task where you should always keep the fear of Allah in your heart and mind.

Rights of Teachers -> A good Muslim, always respects his teachers because teachers are known as a guide of the nation. It is the utmost duty of us to give honor and respect to our teachers. Our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said ‘He is the best among you, who learn the Quran and that teach to others’.

Rights of Neighbors and Patients -> The beauty of Islam is not just ended yet, ever wonder in an emergency situation your neighbors are the ones whom you ask for help first. Right? It is also the duty of a good Muslim, to be in good relations with his neighbors, if they are facing any kind of crisis, help them out, be kind and gentle to them. You should often send them meals because you never know what kind of situation, they are going through, be the first to help them even when they don’t ask for it.

The One and Only true Religion ISLAM (part2)

It is also the responsibility of a good Muslim, to go visit his Muslim brother who is ill. By doing so, the patient will feel better and thankful, when he sees people around him just for his care and help.

The one and only true religion, Islam (part 2) have been ended here. Insha’Allah in the near future I will keep on writing about Islam. Now, if you got any questions, do ask me in the comments below I would be happy guiding you. In the end, I would like to say, that’s the beauty of Islam, it asks us to take care of all aspects of life including humanity without any discrimination. Thank you so much for your time.

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