The Economist Magazine 2020 Cover (decoded)

The Economist Magazine 2020 Cover (Decoded)

Just as promised, I am back on my website and today I will share a story and an informative experience. In this article, we will discuss ‘The Economist Magazine Cover 2020 (Decoded). Read this article till the end and let us know what’s on your mind in the comments section below. Without further ado! Let’s begin.


One day, I was sitting with my bro, watching YouTube videos. Well, my bro is used to watch knowledgeable videos such as news or real-life issues, etc. So, he asked me ‘Ever heard of The Economist Magazine?’ I replied: ‘Yes’. He said: ‘They are the system that you often talk about which you’ve read in that Dajjal book by Ahmad Thomson’. I was like (seriously). He further explained they are the ones running 90% of the world economy.

I couldn’t believe so he asked ‘Can you live without Google?’ or Your Smartphone? or Facebook/Insta, can’t you understand whenever you’ve been to a place and Google maps would ask about ‘How was your experience going there?’ How would Google know where you’ve been? It’s because they are watching us, they are keeping an eye on every one of us. I was wondering about our life without Google or the internet.The economist magazine 2020 cover (decoded)

I was continuously asking my bro ‘What kind of system they have made? we can’t even stay away from using the Internet, even if we do after some time we would be back on track just like that (such addiction), it’s like drugs but not actual. They are controlling us mentally, giving us facilities and advancement, engaging, attracting each one of us into their system.

I said: ‘Yeah, I’ve read about how they’ve created this system and they are waiting for their leader to come (Dajjal). It is all explained in that book.’ And we continue to discuss the topic further when we watched a video on YouTube ‘The Economist Magazine Cover 2020 (Decoded)’.The economist magazine 2020 cover (decoded)

According to that video, the people behind ‘The Economist Magazine’ are giving some hidden messages through their cover, and it explains some horrific events that are going to take place in 2020. Either the cover is lying or it’s just a hoax but what we think they are already warning us or its some kind of prediction that may happen. As long as there is Allah (SWT) such terrific events won’t take place, we wish. Let’s move to the facts that they don’t tell you about The Economist Magazine cover 2020 (decoded).


Below is the Magazine cover:The Economist Magazine 2020 Cover (decoded)
As you can see there are several things in the cover but a code language. I am going to list down the underlined words and we would briefly discuss each one of them. It will be easier for you to understand.

  • 20 (red) 20 (Green)
  • Brexit
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Tokyo
  • Mars
  • Climate
  • XI (Xi Jinping)
  • Recession
  • Modi
  • EXPO
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Bond
  • Beethoven
  • Vision
  • S-biodiversity
  • RatNPT
  • WAR
  • IEN
  • Raphael (The Healing Angel)
  • Nightingale
  • Russia

Since, there are some major country names and a little bit of information about how things will happen, from where the war would start, and how it would lead to a worldwide human extinction. Also, the aftermath of the whole circumstance is written therein a code language.

If we talk about the countries, there are 6 countries mentioned either directly or indirectly. Such as; Trump (America), Brexit (England), Tokyo (Japan), Xi (China), Modi (India), and Russia. The other things would describe how the War will take place, what will happen during the war, and what will be the results. All of these questions to be answered in this article if you read it till the end.

–> 20 (Red), 20 (Green)

Let’s begin with the first letter of the Magazine cover ’20 (in red) 20 (in green)’. Why both of the 20s are written in different colors? Because red color indicates destruction, bloodshed, or disaster, while green color is used for peace, happiness, or joy. 2020 is the worst year so far, it started very badly and still, there are no good-news or something that will excite us, right? Maybe things would change from now on. As both of these colors explain the hardship and joy, either way, we have faced the hardship (COVID-19) and we can hope things will be better in the next 6 months. God knows. We can only pray and hope.


The 2020 American Election is just around the corner. Trump represents America and it has something to do with the upcoming election. I can not say what will be the outcomes of the election we could only predict or assume. Now If we focus a little, we can see pretty much every disaster that would lead to a war started in America, the biggest example is 9/11.The economist magazine 2020 cover (decoded)


British – Exit (refers to the UK leaving EU).

The UK formally left the EU on 31 January 2020 and immediately entered into an 11-month transition period. During this period, the UK will continue to follow all of the EU’s rules and its trading relationship will remain the same. However, it is no longer part of the EU’s political institutions – so there are no longer any British Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPs) in the European Parliament.

The transition will end on 31 December 2020.


To be honest, this one reminds me of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ when Iron man tried to build armor to protect the world but things turned out to be a complete disaster. Still, people are trying to make a computer that will process just like a Human Brain. If they are lucky enough, they will build it but if they are not then ‘Allah is the best planner, indeed’. I hope not to see a machine working, or have feelings or emotions like human beings. “Not my cup of tea.”Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Whatsoever, The Economist people are working on this project as well. Maybe they would succeed or maybe not.

–> TOKYO 2020 Olympics

Japan is about to hold the 2020 Olympics, so I can not say the exact reason for mentioning this because I am pretty confused. Perhaps if we look at other hidden messages we could get the answer.


We all know, this magazine cover is talking silently about ‘A Nuclear War’, it would not happen with weapons but with chemicals. Since NASA is trying to get to MARS to make it some kind of Earth relative where human beings could fly to space and meet their Martian brothers or sisters, pretty sarcasm but it’s a serious issue. What they want is to colonize the space, and ever since they have super belief on this saying;

Talking about there are no life in space, is like telling there are no fishes in the Ocean ~Unknown

And they are working hard to find a planet with life (maybe Aliens or something). Although, I was utterly determined to be an astronaut someday, and I remember my brother used to say ‘Your mother won’t allow you to go to the shop at the corner of the street, and you will fly to Space (hahaha) pretty funny.’ Now I can understand why you should never ask Allah’s explanation, for the things he has planned for you. (Again I am distracting from the topic, get back here girl, OK)The economist magazine 2020 cover (decoded)

So the Elite class would fly to Mars if the Nuclear war would ever take place. This is their plan and the rest population of the world would suffer from the dangerous inhalation of disastrous chemicals. We all know what kind of impacts a nuclear war could leave behind for decades, such as; disability, skin infections, Inflammation, pollution, breathing difficulty, or any other disease.


Climate change would also take place. They have this perfectly planned with their latest technology called “H.A.A.R.P”. HAARP is a high-power, high-frequency transmitter used for the study of the ionosphere. Through this technology, they would control the weather.


It is directly referred to as the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping.


A recession occurs when there are two or more consecutive quarters of negative economic growth, as measured by gross domestic product (GDP) or other indicators of macroeconomic performance including unemployment.Recession

Recession is directly linked to One World, One Currency. Probably digital currency such as bitcoin. Digital currency is a type of currency that has no physical form and only exists in digital form. Digital currencies include virtual money and cryptocurrency. Although having recently forecast the economy to slow but not fall into recession in 2020, the coronavirus malaise has already caused the economy to fluctuate.

–> MODI and EXPO

This is completely related to India and China. China is planning to maintain stable relationships with India because it is observing Indo-Pak relations are in trouble ever since the partition and if the CPEC project fails in Pakistan, in case, China would then continue working with India.The economist magazine 2020 cover (decoded)

Last year, at the ceremony of 2019 China International Import Expo, India was the special guest. You can click here to read further details on China-India relations at EXPO.


The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice.

 –> BOND

Yeah, you hear me right it’s ‘James bond’ which is actually a British intelligence spy. I suspect there will be one or more spies in this whole 2020 plan. Probably because we are talking about Nuclear war, not an ordinary war. It has something to do with the intelligence agent (spy or something) just like we watch in a James Bond movie. What do you think about that? I think nuclear weapons would trade-off or loot in order to start the war (maybe, I am just assuming).James Bond


Ludwig Van Beethoven was a musician, he made famous songs but by the time he was losing his hearing sense which leads him to a permanent hearing loss. He was known as a legend because of his weird music also he had a strong belief on this saying:

Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, art deserves that, for it and knowledge can raise man to the divine ~ Beethoven

The economist magazine 2020 cover (decoded)

It means if a man practices his art, unfolds secrets of the unseen, and has the knowledge, faith, it could raise man to the divine (astaghfirullah). Perhaps, by putting Beethoven’s name into this code they are trying to tell us that man could be divine but that’s impossible. Because God is immortal while the man could die, also God does not eat, sleep while man can do basic activities of life. This is an inappropriate expression, it was not, it can not be, and it will never be.

To be continued…………. (Part 2)

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