The Economist Magazine 2020 Cover (Decoded) Part 2

Hi there, part 2 of The Economist Magazine 2020 Cover (decoded). If you haven’t read part 1 of this article, you should. Click here. To be honest, this wasn’t my choice but things were going out of my control that I had to make part 2 on this topic. At first, I decided to keep the article as short as possible but by the time I realized I have chosen something big to write about. Here it is part 2. We have already discussed or unfolded some code messages in the magazine cover. Now it’s time to move further and derive a reasonable, understandable conclusion of this whole scenario.

–> Vision

This one word is written in RED color, and if we look closely into the magazine cover their vision is clear. First, there will be a nuclear war, and to protect themselves they will fly to the mars, after sometimes when things would settle down on Earth, they will go on with their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For obvious reasons, climate change will also occur. Nonetheless the fact, they want to create a world or to make this world a comfortable place for their leader which is yet to come (Dajjal). Before his arrival, they want to make everything perfect.

–> S-Biodiversity

A simple definition of biodiversity is: “Biodiversity is the variety and variability of life on Earth. Biodiversity is typically a measure of variation at the genetic, species, and ecosystem levels.” There are 4 types of biodiversity. But what about “S?”, it means species. Species diversity is one of the types of biodiversity.

Since we all know the nuclear war has disastrous impacts on all of the living species. So maybe that’s why they are warning us by putting specifically ‘S – species’ at the beginning of the biodiversity word. Who knows what kind of dangerous plans they have.

–> RatNPT

Although they prohibit nuclear weapons and do not encourage them to make weapons, they want to use nuclear powers positively.the economist magazine 2020 cover (decoded) part 2

–> WAR and IEN

A clear word of ‘WAR’ is written there which has no other meaning than a war would take place, perhaps a ‘Nuclear War’. After that IEN, which is known as Industrial Equipment News. It is a website where news related to industries is published. Nuclear, itself is an industry so it might have some internal link with that IEN website or the people behind it.WAR and IEN

–> Raphael

Raphael is an angel’s name, an angel who helps people heal. It is their belief that in order to heal the effective people they will need some angelic touch. The economist magazine 2020 cover (decoded) part 2

–> Nightingale and Russia

Nightingale Robber is a Russian story, which we could link with the stealing of something important or precious. It could be the stealing of nuclear weapons. If we are assuming right, then the nuclear weapon would loot and who will do such a thing? it can be a person or a group of people from NPT because if we look closer “RatNPT” is mentioned in the cover. NPT prohibits to make nuclear weapons and it does have a clear knowledge about the basic units of nuclear productions so that it might have some spies inside the organization. Once the weapon is looted, it will be then in the wrong hands and war will eventually take place. Although I am not sure where the war would start from, it can be either from America, Tokyo, Brexit, etc. But the thing is it is inevitable.


This magazine cover is talking something hideous that is already perfectly planned. Once the weapon is thieved, it may be published as news on IEN. Now if we talk about the whole scenario we can cover up this as ‘nuclear war would take place once the weapon is in the wrong hands such as terrorist groups. After the war, the elite class would fly to the mars, and the rest of the population would suffer. When things will settle down on Earth, they will implement their SDGs and make the world a place that their leader would pleased to see.’

Since it’s 2020 and half of the year just passed in this COVID-19 situation. We are not sure whether their plan is going the way they expected or not. Or it was just a hoax by the people behind the economist magazine. Maybe it was a distraction. As far as I am concerned. I do not believe they are this much fools to share their secretive plan with the world at so ease. What are your thoughts about this? kindly leave a comment below.

Thank you ­čÖé

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