The Confusion About Education During Pandemic in Pakistan

In my previous article, we have discussed ‘How Pakistan is Dealing With COVID-19 Situation?’ Today, we are going to talk about the confusion, yeah that biggest confusion about education during the pandemic in Pakistan. Let’s dig into this deep and draw a better conclusion together. Are you ready? if you’re new to my website, I welcome you humbly ‘make yourself comfortable and have a look around, about what I write on ReadaZon, and feel free to share what’s on your mind in the comment section below.

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The first question that arises if we talk about lockdown is educational institutes like ‘how long they’re going to take re-open 2 months? 3? or 8 or maybe a year?’ Since this virus affects mostly the younger children and older people so it might be wrong to re-open schools during this pandemic right? That is why our government has fallen asleep closing schools/colleges/universities for a long time like 4 months till now. Oh my God! 4 months has been passed, Amazing.The Confusion About Education During Pandemic in Pakistan

Now Pakistan Educational Minister is back on its track, thinking what to do with educational institutes during Pandemic. No doubt, they have tried their best to keep students safe from coronavirus after all students are the future of a country. On July 2, an important meeting has been called by The Federal Ministry of Education seeking recommendations from the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers.

Although, the upcoming exams for A and O level students issued a timetable by Cambridge Assessment International. This issue and several others related to education of Pakistan and the bright future of students will be further discussed in the conference meeting. To be honest, I am so looking forward to it as I am amazingly bored at home. Moreover, the education ministry said, adding that the provinces should send their proposals for re-opening educational institutes by June 23. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) will be there in the meeting providing different suggestions regarding this strategy.The Confusion About Education During Pandemic in Pakistan

Recommendations will be sent to the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) after the inter-provincial education ministers conference. The NCC will make the final decision on whether to reopen or close the educational institutions.

Now what are your thoughts regarding this confusion. Let us know in the comments below.

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