Problems of Karachi – The City of Lights During Monsoon

It’s raining outside, not like a thunderstorm but more like a drizzle after heavy rainfall in Karachi. Today’s article is about the problems of Karachi – the city of lights during monsoon. As being a citizen of Karachi, I understand the basic chaos that happens when it’s comes to the monsoon season. I am a Karachities, I live in Karachi, I was born here and I am growing up in the same city of Pakistan.

I know how this beautiful city turns into trash whenever monsoon season hits. I have experienced the hardships a poor middle class suffers during monsoon. This city is beautiful, it’s different in the night and normal in the day but devastated in rainfall. It becomes a complete wreck.


Today’s article will be long because we are going to discuss not only one but several problems of Karachi – the city of lights.Problems of Karachi - The City of Lights During Monsoon

First of all, it never rains in Karachi. I mean it does but not much as compared to the other parts of this country such as Islamabad or Faisalabad etc. We (Karachities) waits all the year for rain and yet we face such horrible events of rain. Rain is the blessing of Allah (SWT), who doesn’t love rain? I love the rain so much and I’m always grateful for it. Where people should be thankful for this blessing, they are rather upset due to ill-mannered municipal infrastructure.

Electricity is gone for several hours, traffic jams on almost every major thoroughfare. At least many people were killed in various rain-related incidents during monsoon 2020. The people who belong to the Saddar, Gulshan-i-Hadeed, Sharea Faisal, Orangi Town, Korangi, Baldia even DHA khi suffered immensely. The drainage system of Karachi is worst and it’s never been repaired in the last 10 to 12 years.

The Mayor of Karachi Waseem Akhtar Statements

The Mayor of Karachi says “With no funds, KMC cannot avert urban flooding during coming monsoon” adding that the Sindh government would be responsible for the disaster due to rains. He also said that Karachi has been deprived of funds for the last 12 years. Like seriously Mayor? Are you guys out of your senses? This is the hardest time for every Karachities and you are talking about funds!

The mayor once again blamed the provincial government for the city’s woes. “Neither the Sindh government does anything, not does it let anyone do.” Akhtar lamented that the city generating the highest revenue in the country has no one to worry about its problems.The Mayor of Karachi - Waseem Akhtar

The Mayor of Karachi Akhtar also added, “It is useless to construct roads. Currently, the city needs [development of] infrastructure and a sewerage system”. (Thank you for telling us that sir, we didn’t know it). Of course, we know it, of course, we know that every problem there’s a solution but it doesn’t seem like you will solve it until or unless you have funds to save lives. You are the Mayor of Karachi, it is your responsibility to get things done on time and do your job, but here you are telling us about the things we already know, GREAT!

During an interview, the Mayor was questioned about where the revenue generated from Karachi was being spent? He replied, “I do not have the power. I can only talk,” he said. “But the ones having the power should do something.” 

Now the question is who has the power? Sindh government, Murad Ali Shah, and Prime Minister Imran Khan. These two are the powerful men of this country. They can do everything possible for the people of Karachi and they should take some action because Karachi is the engine of this whole country. People from KPK, Punjab, and Androon Sindh come to look for a job here.Mayor Waseem Akhtar

Without any question, the poor people of Karachi always suffers the most even in the slightest of rainfall. Because of the worst drainage system, the rainwater enters into the houses of the lower middle class destroying their homes. I’ve seen many people worried about getting water out of their places after rain. Roads of Karachi literally feel like swimming pools, people float from here to there.

The Role of Public and Their Responsibilities During Monsoon

Storytime! as you know it was heavy rainfall in Karachi yesterday. We were on the rooftop enjoying the rain and at the same time I saw an aunty, she was also at the rooftop of the other building gathering water and throwing it all down in the street. Just imagine, she was about the same height as we were 4th floor and throwing the water all the way down to the street. Then I understood this phenomenon, that cleanliness is not only the governments’ responsibility.

It is also the duty of a responsible citizen. It doesn’t make any sense cleaning your house while throwing your trash in the street and then complaining that the government is corrupt, not performing their duty etcetera.Problems of Karachi - The City of Lights during Monsoon

I was so disturbed by this act of aunty, I wanted to fly to her and say “kindly, do not throw it in the street, you are making things worst”. But I couldn’t do anything about it. The cleanliness of this country and our homes is not only the governments’ responsibility, but it is also concern with us. Kindly try to keep your home and environment clean.

Lastly, I would say that enjoy monsoon but do not neglect the problems we face because of this ill-mannered infrastructure raise your voices though. Next time, vote for someone who actually cares. Karachi is the heart of Pakistan and yet we have this disgusting image just because of the lack of priority. Also, do let me know if I’m missing anything regarding the problems of Karachi – The City of Lights during monsoon in the comment section below. I’ll appreciate that.

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