Overcome Social Media Addiction and Focus on Your studies

Hey there! today I wanted to discuss some real-life issue, that is study motivation. In this era of the Internet, we are so obsessed with these distracting websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. We are so much addicted to these social media platforms, we don’t even brush our teeth and look into smartphones thinking if we’ve missed any notification or email.

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You see, that’s the problem. Our devices are driving us, our smartphones have become our mentor and we are so addicted to it. In this article, I am gonna tell you how to overcome social media addiction and focus on your studies. If we don’t overcome this today, our smartphones will eventually take control of us.

Overcome Social Media Addiction and Focus on Your studies

Do you want to become successful? make your parents proud? make a reality to your dreams? if you truly want to achieve these things or anything else, you need to listen to what I am about to say. You gotta understand that there’s no other way around it, if you’re looking for success you must be obsessed with the process.

In my opinion, you need to set a limited time for useless social media platforms. Invest your time in reading positive or productive books, learn something new each day. Remember every day brings a blessing with it, you need to find that blessing and make use of it.

Overcome Social Media Addiction and Focus on Your studies

Do NOT waste your time watching TV, or scrolling through FB timelines. For the moment, you open your eyes in the morning your mindset has to be a win. For most of the girls, I would like to say stop waiting for a prince charming to fall in love with you, make your own kingdom and the right one will come to you.

Well, I shouldn’t get to this topic yet as it’s a completely different scenario so better to be back with our topic. Yup, smartphones did you know? marketing has created our needs they have designed smartphones such that it has become our want even though it’s not.

You’re success begins when you decided to make a commitment to yourself and stick to it. Trust me, no one can stop you once you’re determined to achieve your goal at any cost. Once you’ve decided you better switch off useless social media platforms that could cause you distractions.

Overcome Social Media Addiction and Focus on Your studies

I didn’t say completely quit social media I completely understand there is other important stuff for you to look at, what I am saying is that set a limit of usage. Don’t overdose yourself with these social media pills, excess of everything is BAD.

Focus on your study, concentrate on what you wanted to become in life. We all got one life, don’t waste it. Work hard because it always pays off.

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