No more EXCUSES, Focus on your WORK

Hey there! I humbly welcome you to my site ReadaZon. I am such a sloth because every time I started to do things that excite me but later I got exhausted and bored of the same thing and no longer wanted to continue. Today, I will give a motivational speech on ‘No more excuses, focus on your work’. I am going to share a little hardness and sorrow of my life with you. I don’t know what exactly is my problem.

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My brother says I am the biggest EXCUSES queen he had ever seen in his life. This article is a little motivation for you as well, read it till the end and share your thoughts in the comments below. Say ‘no more EXCUSES’.

No more EXCUSES, Focus on your WORK, LOVE WHAT YOU DO

I know I motivate people brilliantly but sometimes I need myself to be motivated and these YouTube motivating videos aren’t helpful. I see the conversation is going where it shouldn’t. Let me get to the topic, what I am saying is that I am super lazy about anything. I get excited at the beginning but couldn’t go on with things any longer.

As you can see, I haven’t been writing on my site since last week. The reason behind is stupid, It was Eid-Ul-Fitr and I was making an excuse to myself of not to write on site cause it’s EID and I need to celebrate whether I am doing anything or not whether I was doing nothing but it was EID so I said to myself ‘No work, cause it’s what? EID.’

Alright, now Eid is OVER but still was saying to myself ‘Yeah I am getting back to my normal routine’ all I do was log in to my site and sit there all day long, literally no typing, no posting, no searching, no nothing at all. But me and my cellphone in the hands scrolling down newsfeed of Instagram, or Facebook checking WhatsApp pretty much after every 5 minutes.No more EXCUSES, Focus on your WORK, LOVE WHAT YOU DO

Platforms such as Insta, Facebook, WhatsApp are the biggest BIGGEST distractions. Keep yourself away from these distracting sites especially when you’re working. But there was no one telling or forcing me to get to work. That is a major disorder, nobody forces you to work, you need to work but you can not push yourself to it.

Sometimes all you need is a little PUSH so that you can force yourself to achieve what you wanted in your life. Nobody motivates you until you find it, and I find my inspiration from my brother, he works hard even he has insomnia but he never gives up. He works harder each time, his eyes would get itchy but he never makes it an excuse, Why? because he needs to get things done so that he can achieve his life’s goal.No more EXCUSES, Focus on your WORK, LOVE WHAT YOU DO

I make ReadaZon by finding my own interest that is writing about the books, as I am a book addict so I can never say I don’t love what I do. I love what I do, sometimes I got bored and couldn’t write. I need motivation OK. I asked my brother what should I do? he told me to wake up early, avoid cellphone while working, and you’re gonna be Ok.

In the morning, I woke up early even before my parents, everyone else was sleeping. I looked in the mirror, feeling sleepy wanted to go to sleep again but NO! I brushed my teeth, washed my face and have a little conversation with my reflected self in the mirror.

‘Listen carefully, YOU HAVE to get to WORK, NO MORE EXCUSES, focus on your work, love what you do. You can do that, only you have the power to DO it. Go and work! work for yourself, achieve your goals, remember you’re not an Ordinary human being you have big dreams waiting for you to make them a reality. No more EXCUSES! focus NOW or NEVER.’No more EXCUSES, Focus on your WORK, LOVE WHAT YOU DO

Guess what? That worked. This little conversation with myself helped me so much. It motivated me even when I wanted to collapse into my bed but this little conversation changed my mind and here I am. Sometimes all you need is a little PUSH, Love what you do.

This was such an inspiring moment of my life, I never thought I could do such a thing. I understand many of you are might be going through this kind of situation but believe me no one posses the energy to provoke yourself than you do.

Always say ‘No more excuses’. Love yourself, focus and achieve your goals.

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