Never GIVE UP, it’s Not the Answer (Motivational)

Hello there! welcome back to ReadaZon. In today’s article, you’re going to have some motivational goosebumps. This is about NEVER GIVE UP. I am sure you will be inspired at the end of the speech, do let me know what are your thoughts in the comments below. This complete motivational speech is based on PAIN, SUFFERING, and GIVING UP. Let’s get started.

When I was about to write this motivational speech on NEVER GIVE UP, the first thing came into my mind was PAIN, and I was in deep thoughts such as WHAT IS PAIN? pain can be described as ‘a distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli.’ Pain is of two types, physical and spiritual.

Without pain, there will be no suffering, without suffering we would never learn from our mistakes. To make it right pain and suffering is the key to all windows, without it, there is no way of LIFE. ~Angelina Jolie

The thing is you can never avoid pain because it is inevitable. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor you will have pain, how old you are, what nationality you are, how many luxury cars you have, you will have PAIN. No one can escape pain because it is inevitable. You need to understand, life is full of UPS and DOWNS, it never goes easy.

Never GIVE UP, it's not the answer to your problems (Motivational)

Always remember, when life gets on top of you and you feel like burdensome on your shoulders, all you have to do is just lay down and let the life treats you, hold your hands up and say this is just a way of life, this is just what happens every time to me, so never expect for even a second that these moments will never come again. If there wouldn’t have downs in life, it would never go UP.

You suffer at the hands of life, you suffer more than you ever have, and you just wanted to stop and quit everything. NO! it shouldn’t be the way it is, DO NOT ever think of quitting or GIVING UP on things, or on temporary downs of life. NEVER GIVE UP! It’s not the time to give up not that early, it’s time to start to take back control of your life. You got one life man, why end it? stop being evicted, stop letting life push you around and start fighting back, giving up is not the answer.

The minute you tell yourself that you can take control is the minute you can start to change it all. It’s time to take responsibility and say to yourself ‘I can make out this life whatever I want, no one is going to stop me, nothing is gonna shape my destiny it’s me who got to decide’. I know it’s not that easy, but listen to me when I say there’s always hope but you have to take control of it.

Never GIVE UP, it's not the answer to your problems (Motivational)

Look at yourself in the mirror, and say out loud ‘I am stronger and I can do it’ as soon as you do this your self-confidence boost up and you will be UNTOUCHABLE, all that external push that on a daily basis comes up and kick you in the teeth, fades away you have become machine and nothing can affect you on the outside. NEVER give up, never run, always try to fight back.

Thank you!

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