LOVE and LIKE learn the difference (Motivational)

Hey there! 21st century, a new generation, confused between like and love. What is the difference between love and like? A famous reply was given by Buddha

When you like a flower, you pluck it and when you love a flower you water it daily and watch it grow, that’s the difference between like and love.

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That’s the same concept goes for loving or liking someone. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s love or like. Most people don’t understand this simple logic behind loving or liking someone that’s why we have so many relationship problems nowadays. When we want something at the moment we just take it and don’t bother ourselves to think a little further, we do whatever we want to get that feeling of pleasure.

When we pluck a flower not only will that flower die but we can’t experience it for any longer than that moment. When you water it and take good care of it daily you will see it grow and experience it forever. Learn the difference.

LOVE and LIKE learn the difference Motivational

Nowadays, we’ve been wired towards instant gratification, instant pleasure mindset whether online or offline. They’re driving us towards making instant decisions for instant promises of pleasure, the fact is we’re used to seeing all the straplines on the Internet such as; get the ideal body in 10 minutes a day, become a millionaire in 12 months.

Now isn’t all of these sound brilliant? But you need to understand the problem is they’re not real they’re just made up promises. It works because they’re targetting the most basic you desire.

LOVE and LIKE learn the difference (Motivational)

Think of it for a while, if they would say learn a language in five years with dedicated daily practice we would never click, neither we would click on something that says here is the one-hour workout that you need to do every single day. That’s because the Internet works in the short-term instead of the long-term.

I would like to conclude this: if you want purpose, if you want fulfillment of those things, understand that it will take some time just like the flower. If you want that instant pleasure or instant results of you doing then simply pluck the flower and end of the story.

But if you really want to build something valuable, if you want to create something, you need to understand all of those things require time. There is no magic wand in which you swang in the air and things would work out magically. NO. It will eventually give you result but have patience, don’t rush.

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