Life is full of UPS and DOWNS (Motivational)

Life is uncertain, it is full of UPs and DOWNs. Time is the most valuable thing in this World, we should use it wisely before it fades away. Time never waits for someone, it’s just an endless river flowing with its full speed. Time and life have a direct relation time never stops so, is life.

Life is temporary never take it for the guarantee, know that life is full of ups and downs. In life, we face both SUCCESS and FAILURE. Its completely depends on you how you’re going to act according to the current situation you’re facing whether its success or failure.

Life is full of ups and downs (motivational)

When it comes to success, you feel a tremendous amount of happiness, extreme high peaks. You better keep this thing in mind, life is kind of a one big roller coaster, that slowly starts, fills you up with anticipation and curiosity, takes you UP high. When the roller coaster sends you flying down only to rise up quickly again we laugh, for a moment we wanted to stop and hope it’s all over but it keeps ongoing. See that’s how life works.

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When you face difficulties never think that these problems are permanent, cause these problems will eventually fade away with time. Never take em for guaranteed. Always remember, in the battlefield a soldier might get injured, but he would be dead if he doesn’t stand up again and fight.

Similarly, life never goes easy and beautiful, it gives you challenges, tough time so that you can grow up, but make sure in the end you won’t give up. Giving up on things is not the answer. Never give up, because you don’t know what future might have in surprise for you.

Life is full of ups and downs (motivational)

Did you know? your body mostly replaces itself every 7 to 15 years the organs that work the hardest, you get whole new skin every 2 to 4 weeks, your red blood cells lost less than half a year and your liver renews itself at least once.

You need to understand that every couple of years the universe is always changing we are always changing but still, we want to remain the same, not recognizing that a flat lifeline means we’re DEAD real life is full of ups and downs. This is the journey of life but we must learn to move forward again and again.

Mark my words, you are richer than the 75% of people in the world, if you have food in your fridge, shoes on your feet, clothes on your body, a comfortable bed to sleep on and a roof over your head, trust me you’re richer than you think.

If you have a bank account, money in your wallet or a purse of coins you’re in the list of top 8% of the world’s wealthiest. I understand, you can not avoid the ups and downs but you can at least change the way you see them.

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. ~Wayne Dyer

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