Learn to overcome LONELINESS (Motivational)

Hello there! another day with another topic at ReadaZon, I humbly welcome you. One of my oldest habits, scrolling down through some random google searches and read articles. While doing so, I found something interesting that I wanted to share with you guys today. This topic is so sensitive, LONELINESS. In today’s motivational article you will learn how to overcome loneliness before it overtakes you.

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Different surveys were conducted in order to understand this sensible thing, and studies found that 1 out of 3 adults is lonely. This is shocking right? but the most shocking thing is loneliness has greater health impacts, it shows that people who are lonely are 50% more likely to die before their time. Ever read that ‘NO SMOKING’ board? we all know smoking is injurious to health, still, some of us do smoking but researchers show that loneliness is much more damaging to our health as not even smoking.

Learn to overcome LONELINESS, before it overtakes you (Motivational)

Another study, consisting of 20,000 adults in which 54% says that they don’t know one person that knows them well. The left 56% of people stated that the people they surround themselves with are not necessarily with them, most of them lack companionship don’t have meaningful relationships.

Now listen, all of us have been in the crowd, right? but felt lonely. All of us are invited to a party but we wanted to leave, all of us have likes on social media but don’t feel loved in real life, even so, many of us can get comments on our posts but can’t get a friend to call us back. As I mentioned earlier, Loneliness is a sensitive topic and it’s real.

Learn to overcome LONELINESS, before it overtakes you (Motivational)

Learn to overcome loneliness before it overtakes you. The first step to overcome loneliness is to LOVE YOURSELF, you need to love yourself know that you have a life and purpose. The best thing you can start by spending your quality time with people who look more like your future than your past.

There are two factors that can cause loneliness, someone either not having enough social contact or being surrounded by people but not feeling understood. See the difference here? it’s not just being around people but being understood. No one can understand or love you more than yourself. Remember

Your most sincere friend and the worst enemy is YOU, Love yourself

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