I Fixed WordPress ‘Jetpack has locked your site’ and I am Feeling So Great About it!

Hey there, I know it’s weird but I actually did something on my own. It’s not like I’ve never done anything in the past that helped me through this WordPress career, but it’s something different. I know I can say this, cause I’ve built not one but three WordPress websites and worked on them. The two of them were tech-based websites which made me bored and I leave them as they were. Never mind I did some charity by giving away my one tech website to my relative. The other website which was based on gaming, shut down as the hosting was expired and I didn’t bother myself to renew it.


Now I have a reading based knowledge-full website which is based on personal book reviews and other aspects of worldly problems, where I give out some motivational speeches even though I am not a motivated person myself (that happens). The person who gives too many motivational lectures to others needs motivation himself oftentimes. After some time working, I left my work alone cause I didn’t want to continue writing. Don’t be upset I do work at ReadaZon (the last website I just told you about). Nevertheless the fact, I get bored and walk away to get some ‘Me time’ but working on ReadaZon has been my first priority and I would try harder to work on it with full concentration.


As usual, I sit down grabbed my laptop opened Google Chrome and tried to get to the login page of ReadaZon. Unfortunately, the page turned out to be blocked by guessing what? JETPACK! First of all, I panicked a little, cause I thought about my hard work but luckily everything was safe and good in condition (that’s the aftermath of the story, I shouldn’t mention it argh!) Okay, continue reading. Then I did a little research on how to fix it and here is the simplest method mentioned below:

  1. Log in to **WordPress.com: Create a Free Website or Blog**
  2. Go to; My sites > Manage > Settings.
  3. Dropdown
    “Prevent and block malicious login attempts”
  4. Change your IP Address with the one Jetpack is talking about in this picture:main qimg c7419dccf610c2131a05d07399c27180

    You will have your login website page back. Congratulations! I was happy after experimenting and decided to write somewhere about this little joyful experience I just had a minute ago. Thanks a lot for reading this.

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