How to Spend Time During Quarantine Life? Things to Do

This lockdown and quarantine are the most beautiful things that happened in my life. I have been so busy for the past 6 months and because of that, I was unable to post on my blog. Since I was going to university and we all know how much life gets busier day by day. Now, during this quarantine life, I realized how much I needed this break from the buzz of the outside world.

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Today’s article is all about my quarantine life routine, it will also tell you how to spend time during quarantine? Without further ado let’s begin.

Quarantine Life Routine

A person’s average sleep should be of 7-8 hours for a healthy lifestyle. Right? Before quarantine, neither my sleep was completed nor I was at peace. This quarantine made a tremendous change with my mental health & sleep time.

During this quarantine, all of the family members are together in a home. You can have fun if you have crazy siblings but don’t be upset if you are the only child. There are a lot of things a person can do alone such as reading books, scrolling down to the newsfeed, painting, baking, cleaning the room, watch Netflix, or try something new.

How to Spend Time During Quarantine? Things to Do During Quarantine

You have no idea what this quarantine has made me realized. In a very short span of time, I understood how blessed I am surrounded by the world’s best people (my family). This quarantine made me realized how beautiful life can be with your loved ones. Playing, teasing, eating, praying, pillow fighting, and much more I can not even name all the activities you get to do when you are all together.

Things to Do During Quarantine

Here I am mentioning some of the things that you can do during Quarantine.

1- Pray 5 times daily

If you’re feeling bore then why not get up and remember Allah? It’s easy, no? I am so blessed to be able to perform 5 times a day. Because before lockdown, I couldn’t even manage to pray 1 time in a day. So, for me, that’s a big achievement. Also, do not forget to recite some verses from the Holy Quran, it will make your heart at peace. Indeed Allah says “Remember Me, and I will remember you”. Next time before complaining about boredom, do make sure you prayed today.

How to Spend Time During Quarantine? Things to Do During Quarantine

Now some people may argue we are praying, reciting the Holy Quran still getting bore in this quarantine life. Yeah? I know you guys do exist. Read the rest of this article to find out extra-curriculum activities to do at home during this quarantine period.

2- Quality Time with Family

I can not express my love in words for my family because they are extra-ordinary people. I love spending quality time with them. There are countless things you can do if you have crazy siblings as I have. We eat 3-4 meals a day together, we pray together, we play football on the rooftop together, we pillow-fight like stupids together, we never miss a chance to tease and laugh together.

How to Spend Time During Quarantine? Things to Do During Quarantine

With family, it’s almost everything TOGETHER. Even, right now my brother is not letting me type further as he is continuously making fun of what I want to say to my readers blah blah blah. But Still, I am typing. It’s hilarious!How to Spend Time During Quarantine? Things to Do During Quarantine

Quarantine made me realized how blessed I am to have these stupids (my younger siblings) around me. It also makes me thankful for each beautiful moment life has to offer.

The thing is, spend as much as time possible with your family. When this lockdown is over I’m afraid we will all be on the same path as before. But, please try not to forget and care for the people who love you. Maybe this quarantine is here to tell us how lucky we are. We should be thankful. Think of them who has no family in this hard time, how do they survive? you can never feel their pain even when you want to. Because we have never stepped in their shoes.

3- Read Books

Let’s move on, I got emotional for a moment. So yeah, read books. This is the time you can make yourself productive & creative by reading books. Back in days, there was an excuse like ‘I don’t have time to read books after getting back home from work, I feel tired‘ but now, that excuse has vanished. Start today, any kind of book such as novels, sci-fi, horror stories, fairy-tale, etc.

How to Spend Time During Quarantine? Things to Do During Quarantine

The point, is read whatever you like, at least 10 pages a day would be enough.

4- Be Creative, Try to do Some DIYS

My younger sister is a crafty panda. She watches a lot of YouTube DIY videos and she tries some, also she has a crafty YouTube channel. That’s what makes her happy and keeps her busy so she enjoys it. Do-it-yourself (DIY) makes a person creative. I would recommend my readers if they are interested in being creative they can try to do the same. If not, then skip to the next 5th activity that you can try at home.

5- Cooking, Be a Pro Chef

This 5th activity is probably related to me, well not me there are other people passing their time by cooking. If you’re feeling bore why not learn to make noodles for yourself? no? I say noodles because during this quarantine time I learn that 2 mins noodles actually take the time of about 6 mins 42 sec. To be very honest, I entered the kitchen thinking it will be ready within 2 mins but the reality is always disappointed.

How to Spend Time During Quarantine? Things to Do During Quarantine

You can spend your time cooking, baking or even try some hacks to keep the kitchen clean. There are a lot of things you can do such as learn to make goll roti (sarcasm). Do try to visit the kitchen sometimes. don’t be too lazy as its unhealthy.

Okay, I am sure this is enough for today’s article. This article is dedicated to the people who are lazy, who always complain about getting bored, who think that life has nothing good to offer. My readers, learn to appreciate little things of life. Be thankful, creative, productive, active, and a pro chef.

Thank you so much for reading. You guys motivate me to write even when I feel I can not write good enough. Have a nice DAY! ­čÖé

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