How to Read Faster and Efficiently a Book in a Week?

Hi ReadaZonian, Glad to have you back. In this article, I will help you understand the power of reading faster and efficient. Ever heard that saying ‘Leaders are the Readers’, well it’s quite true. Stay focused till the end and learn how to read faster and efficiently a Book in a week. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Did you know? that an average person reads about two books per year, whereas the average CEO reads about four to six books a month. Today, I am so excited to share the knowledge I’ve gathered after going through Google for about two hours. Yeah, you heard me right.

How to Read Faster and Efficiently a Book in a Week?

Don’t think of reading a book in a burdened way, where you feel exhausted and just wanted to get to the last page. Think of books as they are an essential source of knowledge that a person has collected over decades of experience. You can just sit there and read that book in just one or two days, you have such a huge advantage.

You can read a book a week in a faster and efficient way, here’s the secret. During my research, I went onto Amazon, I found out that the medium number of words per book is about 64,000 words, WOW.

How to Read Faster and Efficiently a Book in a Week?

The average person reads about 200 words per minute. Let’s divide 64,000 words per book by 200 words a minute, it comes out to be about 320 minutes, isn’t it amazing? it takes 320 minutes to get through a book of 64,000 words. How many words is that a day? It’s simple, divide by 7, you get about 45 minutes a day. See the magic? 45 minutes of reading a day, and you get through one book a week.

Being able to know the secret of reading faster and efficient, you should also know how to manage those 45 minutes, right? You must schedule a time. Because if you say, ‘Oh I am going to read here or there,’ it never really happens. Keep in mind that it’s your appointment book, and you have to read it as you schedule a time for it.

How to Read Faster and Efficiently a Book in a Week

It’s like a time you would like to have with your boss or an investor, or somebody or family member, or maybe somebody that’s so important that you would never cancel on that. Spend your 45 minutes on reading as you schedule it because reading is a form of self-care and I believe that self-love and self-care are not selfish. If you want to read faster and efficiently a book in a week you must schedule 45 minutes a day.

Also, remember to schedule your time for reading at a day-time. Do not schedule at late-night when you feel tired or just wanted to make yourself sleep as you read. Because most people think that reading at night helps them to go for sleep faster, but that’s not our goal. Our aim is to read faster and efficiently a book in a week. Take Care~

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