How Pakistan is Dealing With COVID-19 Situation?

Hi there! Welcome back to my website. In my previous article, we’ve already discussed coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. How it can affect you and your loved ones if you do not follow the safety precautions, and today we are going to dig deep into ‘How Pakistan is Dealing With COVID-19 Situation?’

Since we all know coronavirus is getting out of control in Pakistan and the government is thinking to impose another countrywide lockdown, will it happen? The economic conditions of Pakistan are also getting worsen, what will the government do about it? If cases are raising so fast, what about the educational institutes? are they gonna re-open school/colleges during this pandemic? Honestly, so many questions but little time to answer.Question mark

Read the rest of the article there’s so much to learn about this COVID-19 outbreak. These are the highlights of the 21 June 2020 report concerning the coronavirus situation in Pakistan.

  • The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Pakistan has increased to 176,617. Increase of 4,951 new cases, and 119 deaths in the last 24 hours.
  • The most affected province due to the COVID-19 pandemic is Sindh 67,353 followed by Punjab 65,739.
  • The administration of the federal capital has hinted at imposing lockdown in more areas if people continue to disregard the precautionary protocols to hold back the spread of the virus.
  • The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is taking steps on an emergency basis to enhance the capacity of public sector hospitals to the maximum possible level to effectively deal with the Corona pandemic.

In my opinion, Pakistan is doing well if we talk about recovered cases in the country. But it doesn’t necessarily mean we should violet the rules and regulations imposed by the government. In this hard time, we should help our leader Imran Khan and our beloved country.How Pakistan is Dealing With COVID-19 Situation?

If we continue to behave like an irresponsible citizen we will end up in another countrywide lockdown. Will you or I like this? Will we be then satisfied enough by sitting at our homes in front of the TV, cause if you say ‘YES’ I’m afraid we’re near the end time. So close, you can never imagine.

  • Total confirmed cases as of 21 June 2020 in Pakistan: 176,617
  • Total recovered cases: 67,892
  • New cases: 4,951
  • Total deaths: 3,501

Pakistan is trying it’s best while dealing with the COVID-19 situation. The health situation in Pakistan due to the coronavirus is deteriorating fast and the federal, as well as provincial governments, are battling hard to contain the virus from spreading further.How Pakistan is Dealing With COVID-19 Situation?

There are rumors regarding COVID-19 circulates society. Such as, many people believe that COVID-19 is just a conspiracy or rather a non-existent disease that is rumored to keep Muslims away from mosques and perform Holy prayers. It’s all misinformation that surrounds our society. COVID-19 is an actual disease and following the safety precautions is mandatory for us all because the virus doesn’t infect a person asking his/her religion, right? It’s a matter of humanity and to save humanity should be our priority.

Yet another rumor is coming from the people who belong to rural backgrounds and lower middle class, presumes that reporting their symptoms to a hospital or a health worker means certain death. They are not even going to the hospitals for minor injuries or health issues because they believe the officials will report them as corona infected. They also believe that the government is trying to show more fatalities to collect money or funds from international aid agencies and donor countries.How Pakistan is Dealing With COVID-19 Situation?

Why are these conspiracies are circulating our society? the most obvious reason for the spread is the government’s unclear and ambiguous public messaging. A responsible citizen will never focus on such rumors but act, as it’s government, is telling him to do so. These are the hard times in which we should stick and support each other.

Are we going to face another countrywide lockdown?

Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan was present at a ceremony held for the launch of three Ehsaas initiatives. He shared his experience during his visit to Larkana Sindh, said about 20% of people among those who are affected by the pandemic were vendors. PM Imran Khan also said that the situation of Pakistan is far more different as compared to Wuhan, and he would have never allowed countrywide lockdown if provinces have asked him.

He said, “The decisions were taken in a panic due to the pandemic”. PM Imran Khan also mentioned India, where the Modi government enforced a complete lockdown with the statistics now showing that another 34 percent chunk of the population had been pushed below the poverty line.

Our PM also talked about how marriage halls and hotels suffered badly because of lockdown. Imran said the government had to protect people from the pandemic, poverty, and hunger. Imran thanked Allah Almighty that Pakistan had not taken its cue from India. He said complete lockdown in India had severely affected poor people making around 34 percent people either hungry or vulnerable to diseases.

The Economic Conditions of Pakistan during COVID-19 Pandemic

This pandemic has clearly disturbed the economic conditions of Pakistan. Many people are suffering from hunger. People are worried about their one-time meal. It has been observed that there is no visible improvement in employment when countrywide lockdown eased. Because of a lack of funds and demand, small and medium firms are struggling.

While the poverty rate declined by 40 percent over the last two decades to 24.3 percent in 2015, the IMF projects a sharp reversal, with up to 40 percent of Pakistanis living below the poverty line in COVID-19’s viral wake. Real GDP growth is expected to slow by 3 percent, with downturns in services and manufacturing. Agriculture will also lag if lockdowns continue and disrupt needed transportation, logistical support, labor, and access to inputs for the next planting season.

We were out for grocery shopping, unable to find work there were labors sitting worried I feel their sorrow. At the very moment, I thanked Allah (SWT) for the countless blessings but the world is not fair to everyone. Listen, if you have clean clothes to wear, food to eat, the roof at your heads, believe me, you’re richer than you think. Be thankful.

Are They gonna Re-Open Schools/Colleges during COVID-19?

The federal government is seeking recommendations from the provinces on the reopening of educational institutions across the country during COVID-19. As a matter of fact, they have scheduled their conference meeting on July 2. The Inter-Provincial Education Ministers will decide whether schools/colleges should re-open or not.

The recommendations from the conference would be conveyed to the National Coordination Committee (NCC) while the latter would have the discretion to make the final decision. Further, the ministry has also summoned recommendations from the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), and other related institutions.

Moreover, the experts in the field are of the view that the government should move towards reopening educational institutions phase-wise after the end of coronavirus peak in the country expected in the first week of August. If that happens, they suggested that the universities should be resumed in the first phase while the schools should be opened in September.

Final Words

These are hard times, do not lose hope, and follow the safety precautions in order to avoid getting in touch with the virus. Our government officials are trying their best and harder to keep people away from this deadly virus but it seems like people are not taking it as seriously as they should. They are thinking this virus is a trick or something but believe me, it’s dreadful and painful to bury your loved ones. Stay home and stay safe. Don’t fear, we will fight this coronavirus together. Remember Pakistan and the rest of the world in your precious prayers. InshaAllah we will get rid of COVID-19. Thank you~

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