HANG THE RAPIST, A Message to PM Imran Khan

HANG THE RAPIST, A Message to PM Imran Khan

Today, I woke up happy, feeling blessed but as soon as I check my Instagram newsfeed I was stunned. I froze at the moment. My feelings turned from happiness into disgust. I suddenly felt so insecure, unsafe, down to earth disheartened. I am feeling angry, disappointed in Pakistan and its leaders.

A mother was gang-raped in front of her two CHILDREN in a CAR! Can you imagine the trauma of her two little angels? It was all over there “Hang the Rapist”, “Hang them”, “Kill them publicly”, and “enough is enough”. I also participated in this online protest because alone we can not make any change, united we are stronger than ever.

A Message to PM Imran Khan

Dear Prime Minister Imran Khan, You are my idol, I respect you both as a person and as a great leader. If you are reading this, I welcome you to my website. I used to watch you on TV when there were elections going on, admired you on your speeches, defended you in front of people who disrespect you, voted you, prayed heartily for you to win the elections. It was your words that inspired me, you showed us to never give up, work hard.

I celebrated happily when you take the oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018. You promised to confront the corrupt politicians that took the money of Awaam, living their lives at fullest luxuries. You promised to make Pakistan “Riyasat e Madina” where they cut the hands of a thief, they feed the poor and fulfill their basic needs, where justice is served without any discrimination. In short, Riyasat e Madina is based on the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) & the Holy Quran. You promised us that.

Just tell me one thing PM Imran Khan, when will these walking monsters be punished? When will justice be served? When will the daughters (the future) of this nation would walk with freedom, fearless on the streets even at nights? Is it necessary for us to protest and ask for justice every time after that horrible crime is done? Why don’t you as the Prime Minister of Pakistan would take a simple step of execution for these murderers? Hang them publicly so that the rapist would think a thousand times before committing such a crime.

To be honest with you MR. PM Imran Khan, I always supported and defended you in front of the people talking sick about you. Even at times of COVID-19, I always supported you. Yet, I feel unsafe, insecure in this nation. I am a daughter of this nation, now I fear walking down the streets at night.

Our society is full of garbage, I am not talking about the actual garbage but garbage including people and their sick mindset as well. Our society always blames the victim. They never stop talking. They have their filthy, dirty, and disgusting mindset expressed through these common phrases such as: “why was she alone and out at night?”, “She was dressed like that, it was her fault”, Like seriously? Are you guys in your senses? Why are you not blaming that monster?

Isn’t it irony we girls/women are not safe at work, market, or even at home. The country that was supposed to be constructed and follow Riyasat e Madina rules demands justice. We demand brutal punishment for rapists. Hang them publicly. Hang them! Kill them in front of the Market so that it becomes a deterrent and no one would dare to think to commit that disgusting crime.

With all due respect Mr. PM Imran Khan, We demand justice. We demand justice for all of those beautiful, little angels we’ve lost. We demand justice for their families. We demand justice for Pakistan. We demand justice.

Thank you for your time.

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