Diriliş: Ertuğrul – The BEST TV SERIES I’ve ever Seen So far! (Review Time)

Diriliş: Ertuğrul or Resurrection: Ertugrul is a Turkish historical fiction, and adventure TV series directed by Mehmet Bozdağ. Engin Altan Düzyatan is the main leading character, Ertuğrul. The series was on-aired on TRT 1 in Turkey on December 10, 2014. The show is based on the true-life activities of the great Ertuğrul Ghazi and is also based on the history of the Muslim Oghuz Turks that took place in the 13th century. Ertuğrul Ghazi, the father of Osman I, who was the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

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The purpose of re-creating history is to wake Muslims up from their deep sleep. The drama is completely based on the realization of how Muslims in the 13th century would conquer the world just on the basis of their faith (Iman). They trusted in Allah (SWT) and fight for their nation. They had nothing but a strong belief in Allah (SWT) which helped them in conquering the world. This was the intro of how this TV series was created and the purpose of its creation.

Diriliş- Ertuğrul - The BEST TV SERIES I've ever Seen So far!To be very honest, I am stunned by their performance in this TV  series, I would 100 times recommend you to also watch Diriliş: Ertuğrul (5 seasons). Its also followed by Kuruluş: Osman which makes it a total of 6 seasons. I have already completed season 1 and I can proudly say ‘The best TV series I’ve ever seen so far’. Because Turkish are really amazing at re-creating history and they are really good at keeping their cultural values. I have also watched Kösem Sultan which was exceptionally wonderful as well.

Diriliş - ErtuğrulI am a Pakistani drama industry lover, I would love to watch every drama aired on either HUM TV, ARY Digital, or Geo Entertainment but after watching Diriliş: Ertuğrul, I became a big fan of Turkish TV series. Undoubtedly, both countries are beautiful and friendly neighborhood type. Nonetheless, both are good at their sides but Turkish are great at showing historic cultural values, with their amazingly stitched long dresses, jewelry style, and the way they greet each other, superb.

Diriliş: Ertuğrul series has given me goosebumps, it made me realized the Muslim culture and their faith. It tells us about the hardship of people of that time period in history has endured as it is based on the tribulations of tribes.

Diriliş- Ertuğrul - The BEST TV SERIES (Review Time)The series also revolves around the survival, the pain, the deceitful thinking of loved ones around, made life as hell for the people of the tribe. As I watched this series, I also have felt their pain, the disgust of corruption in unjust systems, the happiness of victory, always ready to fight for a much higher power. That gave them the strength to endure the commitment which led to a possible Ottoman Empire that ruled the World in the 14th century.

ErtugrulOne thing which is really heart touching throughout the series is saying ‘Allah O’Akbar’ and ‘Ya Allah!’ before killing the Kaffir on the battlefield. Honestly, I can not explain how it feels. The strong faith of the Muslim is greatly portrayed. Thank you to the magnificent team working day & night, front camera, behind the scenes crew and to the whole cast. They made it possible with their talent seriously ‘highly appreciated’.

Final thoughts, if you are new to my website and reading through this article. I recommend you to watch Diriliş: Ertuğrul TV series. By the way, I am on season 2 right now surely I will keep updating you once I finished watching the whole 5 seasons. Till then, take care.

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