Be the Best Version of Yourself – Create (MOTIVATIONAL TOPIC)

Hello everyone! first of all, I am not a motivational speaker. But sometimes I give out some motivational and inspirational speeches to my surroundings. Sharing life experiences to my readers has been my favorite hobby lately because that way, I feel connected. Today’s article is about a motivational topic ‘Be the Best Version of Yourself – Create’. Hang in there buddy, cause I know what you’re thinking ‘CREATE? What create?’ relax we’re going to dig into this deep. Read the rest of the article and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. ok?

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Alright, certainly there are two questions connected first ‘Be yourself, How?’ and the other one is ‘Create, Why?’. Since my childhood, I’ve been wondering about the peoples I am with such as my friends and family. I always thought about them being superior and the one who knows how the world works. In short, they are all like ‘good pious people I know’ but reality always hits hard. When I came to realized they’re just simple human beings just like me, figuring out how things work.Be the Best Version of Yourself - Create (MOTIVATIONAL TOPIC)

By the time I understand, they are not superhumans who know exactly how to do, what to do, they often failed in life but the thing is, they never gave up. We are all trying to be perfect in our own ways, want to show the world what we are capable of doing, want others to appreciate our deeds. Why? I mean, is it necessary to get an oscar on everything you do and when someone doesn’t appreciate you, you feel miserable about it? If you ever felt something like that in your life, then please stop this ASAP. Stop expecting people who don’t recognize your worth.Just Be Yourself

If people are not appreciating you, leave them. Appreciate yourself, give credits to yourself. Look into the mirror and say ‘You are the strongest being on this earth I’ve ever known. May Allah place your soul and heart at ease and show you the right path to follow. I’m glad to meet you beautiful, keep the shine bright like a diamond focus on the positivity. Every day brings an opportunity to grow wiser, stronger, and happier. Don’t be disappointed in life. Be happy, be the best version of yourself.’

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

This will eventually boost up your level of motivation about yourself. It works 100%, I tried it many times, it always gives me courage and belief that something good is on its way, all I have to do is ‘NEVER GIVE UP’. Never be sorry at being yourself. If people are not noticing you and don’t give a damn about you then here’s a piece of advice for you. “Be kind to them even when they were not kind to you”, appreciate them let them know you care because, in the end, we all need each other to survive in this cruel world. Kindness doesn’t cost you a penny, so there’s nothing wrong. Even the angel and devil have their own differences if they are devilish enough to hurt you, you are angelic enough by being kind to them. At least in this way, they will know they are wrong.Be the Best Version of Yourself - Create (MOTIVATIONAL TOPIC)

If you copy others you will end up being distracted, depressed, unhappy, annoyed, etc. Be yourself, make your own style or trends, and follow them. Let people talk behind your back because that’s where they belong ‘BACK’. Have the courage to face them when they try to confront you or tell you what to do with your life. Do not listen to them, I repeat DO NOT. They are the ones who can never be happy at your happiness.How to Read Faster and Efficiently a Book in a Week 3

There are so many people out there, who love to scroll to the Facebook newsfeed but find it harder to read just 10 pages of a good book. I am surprised, aren’t you guys have something good to do? Try to read books, there’s a whole different universe inside them. I always find myself so indulged while reading, even I couldn’t hear my sister talking to me (hehe that happens). I suggest if you can not read books or find them boring so at least try something else other than being on TikTok. The most disturbing app of the 21st century. I hate it never downloaded it on my cellphone and never will.

“To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.”
~Roy T. Bennett

Be the Best Version of Yourself - Create (MOTIVATIONAL TOPIC)

In this temporary world, we are all surrounded by such cunning people who put fake smiles at our faces and talk sh*t behind our backs. You do what you want to do, be who you wanna be, stop expecting that someone will come to you and tell you how you can make something of yourself. Keep one thing in your mind, nobody knows you better than Yourself. You just focus on yourself, neglect negative vibes that will come to your way of success. Be determine about who you wanna be and where do you see yourself in the future and work hard to get there. That’s yourself quote 1

Don’t copy others’ lifestyles, create your own. I hate copy-pasted work, even today I write about the things that happen in my life or inspires me to write. That is why most people complain about my unavailability. Because, it’s ME, that’s the way I work whether you like it or not. I will never change. It depends on my mood of writing. This is why I am saying to you, be the best version of yourself and create your own style to follow. If you copy others’ trust me, it will never work for you.

“At the end of the day, no one will walk your journey for you. You have to do that. At the end of the day, no one will dream for you. You have to do that.” ~Najwa Zebian

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