Dream BIG let the World know you Exist

Hello there! Welcome back on ReadaZon. I am happy and unhappy at the same time. I am happy because I got everything that I need in my life and I am so thankful for that. I am unhappy because you guys don’t know much about me yet, so I thought it would be better to start blogging onto something that I am experiencing or have experienced in my life. I always say to people DREAM big, and let the world know you exist.

As you know, I am a proud Muslim and working as an author on my site ReadaZon. I am from Pakistan and where I belong to is a small town. There are a number of things I get to learn pretty much every day from my surroundings. To share it all with you guys would make me feel happy, and sharing is caring, right? and I’ve already told you in my previous post to not hold on to your thoughts or feelings that would cause you Depression and no one wants a depressive life.

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Always Dream BIG and let the world know you exist (motivational)

The very first thing I would like to mention is a typical mindset of the people. I don’t know if it’s human nature or it’s just my surroundings. Yeah, the mindset that I am talking about is pretty much difficult to understand at first. Here, almost every girl’s dream is to be educated enough and marry a handsome guy and live a happy but miserable life forever. The most disturbing thing is they don’t think beyond that. I am talking about the girls.

I say think wider, broader, beyond your own expectations and create your own kingdom. Be a QUEEN of your own kingdom and your KING will arrive on its time. I am not saying that marriage is a bad thing or not think of it. Build your career first, don’t think that it’s a boy’s responsibility to feed his family. NO! it is your duty as well. I understand if you’re not allowed to do a job but you can still support your family and the problem is you don’t think beyond your expectations, you become bound.

Always Dream BIG and let the world know you exist (motivational)

In our society, people say that it’s a man’s duty to take care of his family and he is the one with the responsibility of feeding them. Ok, it’s perfectly fine, I am not against it neither I deny it. The problem is with girls, they are sensitive, emotional, easily fall in love with the wrong guy and consider him to be their everything. Girls from around here would happily like to disrespect their parents, but the same girl would worship the cheap guy that she loves whole-heartedly, even without knowing that if he feels the same for her or not. That’s disgusting!

Think of it for a while, and do you know in Pakistan a boy would love to see if a girl’s making so many efforts for him, he feels like a KING himself. I can not judge anyone, all I am saying is, darling, get yourself a life you deserve and you deserve BEST. Girls! don’t waste your life chasing the wrong guy, build your own legacy. Just wait and work hard and the right person will come to you at the right place with the right time.

Always DREAM BIG, let the world know you EXIST! wanna get married? sure you will when its the right time. But before that don’t ruin your life, never go for that typical mindset. Remember, the right guy will never go play with you he will do every possible effort to have you in his life. He will do it in a legal and right way, he will directly ask for your hand from your parents in a beautiful manner.

Thank you~

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