A Simple Trick to Stay Motivated all the Time

Hi there! long time no see I understand as you know the blessed month of the year Ramadan is here and I am pretty busy, still, I try so hard to take some time and write. In this short article, I am going to share how this simple trick to stay motivated all the time has changed my life. This trick has changed my life and helped me stay motivated every day. I hope this will also help you to change your life as well. Just read the article till the end and find the secret. Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Let me tell you what, I was such a lazy person. My brother used to call me a ‘Sloth’ and I rarely did anything such as replacing glass from one place to another. Whenever I had to study I really didn’t feel like it, it was so hard for me to concentrate. Then one day, I grab myself up and watched YouTube videos on motivation and it gave me goosebumps that I suddenly jumped and study hard. I wonder what if this motivation stuck with me all the time. Motivation is really a powerful thing. I started to think that what can I achieve if this feeling of motivation stays with me wherever I go?

A Simple Trick to Stay Motivated all the Time and It changed my LIFE

I keep on thinking and realized that ‘TIME’ is the one thing that motivated me. TIME is the most valuable thing It never waits for anybody, it just passes by. There’s a chrome extension called ‘MOTIVATION‘, what it does if you download this? It shows your age each time when you open a ‘new tab’ it replaces the default chrome new tab, with your current age. Every time, I open a ‘new tab’ and it displays my age ticking and those nano-years just fly by, it really motivated me to focus. This is the time, you will never get back. The increasing numbers in my age, make me go all out and do everything. Time made me realize how I was wasting my life on useless stuff, I really appreciated it.

A Simple Trick to Stay Motivated all the Time and It changed my LIFE

This simple trick worked for me as I spend most of my days in front of my computer. It helped me stay motivated as I go search for a thing, open a new tab and BOOM! it’s there telling me that life is precious, we’re all just one minute away from dying. I seriously don’t wanna regret anything while laying on my deathbed. You only have 1440 minutes a day, you may think it’s a lot but the truth is, it isn’t. It’s a trap because many people think that they have a lot of time on their hands, but we don’t.

A Simple Trick to Stay Motivated all the Time and It changed my LIFE

I humbly recommend you install that chrome extension, MOTIVATION and it’s free. Do let me know if it helped you just the way it helped me. Guess what? the extension also works ‘offline’ and I’m sure you won’t regret installing this. Thank you so much for your attention I just wanted to share my experience.

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