50 Best Vladimir Nabokov Quotes About LOVE

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As usual, we will start with the author’s introduction. It is easier to understand the quotes later on. Intro gives the audience the slightest idea about the author’s personality and helps to understand the quotes better.

Vladimir Nabokov

Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov was also known by the pen name Vladimir Sirin. He was a Russian-American novelist, poet, translator, and entomologist. He was born in Russia, he wrote his first nine novels in Russian (1926–1938) while living in Berlin. He achieved international acclaim and prominence after moving to the United States and beginning to write in English.

Nabokov became an American citizen, but he and his wife returned to Europe, settling in Montreux, Switzerland.50 Best Vladimir Nabokov Quotes About LOVE

Nabokov’s fiction work has great recognition such as Lolita was ranked fourth in the list of the Modern Library 100 Best Novels in 2007. Pale Fire was ranked 53rd on the same list; and his memoir, Speak, Memory, was listed eighth on publisher Random House’s list of the 20th century’s greatest nonfiction. He was a seven-time finalist for the National Book Award for Fiction.


“It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“And the rest is rust and stardust.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Our imagination flies — we are its shadow on the earth.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“I think it is all a matter of love; the more you love a memory the stronger and stranger it becomes” -Vladimir Nabokov

“He broke my heart. You merely broke my life.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Human life is but a series of footnotes to a vast obscure unfinished masterpiece” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Don’t cry, I’m sorry to have deceived you so much, but that’s how life is.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“I knew I had fallen in love with Lolita forever; but I also knew she would not be forever Lolita.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Words without experience are meaningless.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“We loved each other with a premature love, marked by a fierceness that so often destroys adult lives.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Knowing you have something good to read before bed is among the most pleasurable of sensations.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Some might think that the creativity, imagination, and flights of fancy that give my life meaning are insanity.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“And she was mine, she was mine, the key was in my fist, my fist was in my pocket, she was mine.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Life is a great surprise. I do not see why death should not be an even greater one.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“To begin with, let us take the following motto…Literature is Love. Now we can continue.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“I looked and looked at her, and I knew, as clearly as I know that I will die, that I loved her more than anything I had ever seen or imagined on earth.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“I simply want to tell you that somehow I can’t imagine life without you. I love you, I want you, I need you unbearably.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Perhaps, somewhere, some day, at a less miserable time, we may see each other again.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“When you laugh, I want to transform the entire world so it will mirror you.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Nostalgia in reverse, the longing for yet another strange land, grew especially strong in spring.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“I mean, I have the feeling that something in my mind is poisoning everything else.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Loneliness as a situation can be corrected, but as a state of mind it is an incurable illness.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“And I have still other smothered memories, now unfolding themselves into limbless monsters of pain.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“I want you to come live with me, and die with me, and everything with me.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Was she really beautiful? Was she at least what they call attractive? She was exasperation, she was torture.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“You turn my life into something light, amazing, rainbowed— you put a glint of happiness on everything.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“The first creatures on earth to become aware of time were also the first creatures to smile.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Solitude was corrupting me.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“There is nothing softer than your heart.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Years of secret sufferings had taught me superhuman self-control.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“He never spoke to her. He loved her madly.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“It is astounding how little the ordinary person notices butterflies.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“All at once we were madly, clumsily, shamelessly, agonizingly in love with each other; hopelessly, I should add…” -Vladimir Nabokov

“The tingle in the spine really tells you what the author felt and wished you to feel.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“And presently I was driving through the drizzle of the dying day, with the windshield wipers in full action but unable to cope with my tears.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“A definite picture that he knew he had never seen in reality— remained within him more real than any actual memory.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“I felt that one wrong or misplaced word would be fatal, you would simply turn away, as you did, and walk off again, and again, and again.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“I dreamt of you last night – as if I was playing the piano and you were turning the pages for me.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“She was induced to conceal from him, the concealer, her awareness of what he concealed.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“If my skin were a canvas and her lips a brush, not an inch of me would have remained unpainted and vice versa.” -Vladimir Nabokov 

“You came into my life — not as one comes to visit … but as one comes to a kingdom where all the rivers have been waiting for your reflection, all the roads, for your steps.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“Her charm was too compelling not to be tasted in secret and too sacred to be openly violated.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“What are dreams? A random sequence of scenes, trivial or tragic, viatic or static, fantastic or familiar, featuring more or less plausible events patched up with grotesque details, and recasting dead people in new settings.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“The harmony between neck and eyes is the special, yet scarcely investigated, secret of feminine grace.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“I want you to be happy, and it seems to me that I could give you that happiness — a sunny, simple happiness — and not an altogether common one.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“I don’t know. I adore you. I shall never love anybody in my life as I adore you, never and nowhere, neither in eternity, nor in terrenity, neither in Ladore, nor on Terra, where they say our souls go.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“We live not only in a world of thoughts, but also in a world of things. Words without experience are meaningless.” -Vladimir Nabokov

“My heart was a hysterical unreliable organ.” -Vladimir Nabokov

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