5 Productivity Tips to Read More in Busy Routine

Hey ReadaZonians, I hope you’re doing great. I am having such an amazing weekend so far. I was struggling to read because of having a busy routine. I learned about productivity tips, and it helped me to read even more in a busy routine.

I believe these simple 5 productivity tips will help you to read more easily and benefit you in your busy routine.

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I was googling and something caught my attention, the productivity of reading. I immediately took some notes and prepared you this simple 5 productivity tips to read more in a busy routine. Later, I tried these 5 productivity tips to see if they’re working or not.

Guess what? It worked amazingly for me. So now I am here to share them with you. Hope you will try and do let me know if they’re helpful in the comments below. Without further ado, let’s go!

5 Productivity Tips to Read in Busy Routine

The rule is simple, these 5 tips will only help you if you’re willing to read. You need to put your efforts into reading if you really want to finish a book or two.

  • Take Notes

Taking notes has been one of the most important tips to read. It helps you remember what you read and write down what you think is important. There are apps that will help you make notes of anything whether it’s a subject or a general book.

5 Productivity Tips to Read More in Busy Routine

Evernote will make it easy for you to find your notes later by the help of the search tool. On the other hand, many people feel they recall information better when they had to write it by hand. I would also recommend writing by your hand that will help you remember things.

  • Never Give UP

I am that type of a person if I commit to reading a book I would definitely finish it within two weeks. But once I realize that the book is not worthy of that much time or if I find it boring I would never GIVE UP. Even, if that book is not giving me much information about anything I would never let it go, I try hard to finish it.

5 Productivity Tips to Read More in Busy Routine

I remember when I was reading ‘Three daughters of Eve by Elif Shafak’. I find it boring and difficult to understand but eventually, I finished it faster than I ever thought I could. At first, it was hard for me to understand advanced English, later I committed myself that ‘I have started it, only I have the power to finish it’. That really empowered me.

  • Variety does Matter

The #3 productivity tip to read is all about variety. We all tend to pick up the same type of material if we find it interesting. It is good to give yourself some variety of reading topics that are not what you’d pick up naturally. I suggest to pick something different or random than what you normally read can be very valuable in giving you a different perspective.

5 Productivity Tips to Read More in Busy Routine

For example: if you love fiction based books and you’re continuously purchasing fictional books than it’s better to give yourself some other genre books to increase your knowledge.

  • Write Reviews on what you’ve Read

Reviews can actually help to boost your knowledge. I believe reading a book is one thing but reviewing it is something next level. Write reviews on what you’ve read is #4 productivity tip to read because that will help you remember things. Once you’ve finished a book take the time to review it, this is where your notes can help you.

5 Productivity Tips to Read More in Busy Routine

It’s better to have knowledge about the book you’ve read because when someone asks you about how was the book so you can easily guide them.

  • Discuss what you Read

Here it is the last and the best of #5 productivity tips to read is spread or discuss your readings with others. I prefer to talk about what you read with others in person rather than connecting with them through social media.

5 Productivity Tips to Read More in Busy Routine

These were the #5 productivity tips to read that will help you gain more out of your reading. In my case, these 5 helped me so much and I understand there are other people seeking knowledge like me so I decided to share. Thank you for your attention, and do let me know if these #5 productivity tips are helpful to you or not.

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