5 Best Ways to Remember What You Read

Hi there! I hope you’re doing great. Welcome to Readazon, today we will talk about 5 best ways to remember what you read. First, I am a book freak but nowadays I struggle to remember the information. So, I thought why not apply some tips and tricks and see if they work then I’m gonna share it with my audience, good?


Remember it is useless to read half of the library if you forget what you read. There are two types of readers, Active and Passive Readers. Active readers would spend a week finishing a book in order to fully understand the concepts including ideas. While passive readers’ main focus is on reading, reading, and reading without understanding what the book is about, what the book is actually trying to convey, what’s on the mind of the author. All of those questions are unanswered by Passive readers.5 Best Ways to Remember What You Read

When we were in school, we remember the books that we read in class even today. Why? because we were focused and concentrated at that time. We fully absorbed the details of the book we read in school. We discussed the ideas in group discussions, acted out scenes, even watched film adaptations.

Now the question is, what kind of a reader are you? Are you the one who read half of the library but didn’t remember the slightest detail of a book? or are you the one who would love to spend a week to finish a book with full concentration?

1- Take Notes

Ever since, I joined this reading community I did not know how important it is to keep track of your reading, how important it is to take notes. I am not saying to memorize those notes but taking notes is essential because when you would pick a book even a hundred years later, you would know what’s the book is about just by looking at your written notes. I know now, the importance of taking notes will help you understand, remember, recollect the information, and recall your memory.Evernote

For those who are rather comfortable with online tools or apps for taking notes, try Evernote it is the best app for this purpose.

2- Try to Absorb Information Mentally

This is scientifically proven, if you’ve finished reading a page, take a moment for yourself. Sit back, close your eyes, and imagine the main ideas from that page. Try to absorb the details that you’ve read. This will strengthen your mental health and imagination. Now I know what you’re going to say, “I hardly manage my time for reading and you’re saying to spend a whole minute in imagination? Are you out of your mind?”Try to Absorb Information Mentally

Okay, I get it. But when you can remember information from your content better, you actually can end up saving time. You don’t have to go back and look up as many facts or ideas, and whether it’s rubbing elbows with some big shots at a conference or explaining your rationale for a new process to your team, you can apply the information on the fly better. From this standpoint, reading reflection is an efficiency booster and worth the few brief minutes it takes.

3- BE Comfortable

A lot of us would sit anywhere and start reading, we don’t understand how peaceful environment reading demands. Imagine yourself sitting in a busy cafe with a good book in your hands, people are coming and going, hustle and bustle going around you, tell me honestly, would you be able to concentrate? NO.

You have to make yourself comfortable, find a peaceful place where you are fully concentrated surrounded by your own creative thoughts and ideas. You will be able to absorb more of the information. Don’t forget to have some refreshment breaks while reading. Definitely avoid social media and smartphones, show some respect to books and reading.5 Best Ways to Remember What You Read

Smartphones are the biggest distractions I’ve ever seen. They could easily keep you busy with nothing productive but meaningless Facebook or Insta newsfeed. I am amazed at the developer of such apps, you see how creative their mind is, their apps are really attractive even if you don’t want to but you would spend hours and hours scrolling down.

4- Digital VS Physical Books

It is cool to have the whole Kindle library at your fingertips, but Researchers from the University of Oregon found that online content is harder to recall. One theory is that the disappear-reappear nature of online content is distracting, but the loss of tactile information, such as the feeling of the page, might contribute, too. I always love to have physical books around me it feels more like a book nerd. I love to carry my books everywhere and to encourage people to read as well.Digital VS Physical Books

The problem with digital technology is distractions, you are easily distracted when you are reading from a device. I mean I don’t understand people who would finish books after books using Kindle, don’t you people love the smell of freshly printed papers? the smell of new books? With physical books, you can easily highlight the quotes or things you like. That’s one of the fun things.

5- Mark Up the Book

Most of us were taught as children to treat books as something sacred – no folding the page corners, and no writing in the margins, ever. However, if you want to remember what you read, forget about keeping books pristine. Books should look as if they are read by someone, we don’t and we won’t put that book in the museum to show off our cleanness, freshness, or clarity. In fact, go crazy with marginalia. The more you write, the more active your mind will be while reading.Marginalia

Jot down connections and tangential thoughts, underline key passages, and make a habit of building a dialogue with the author. Some people recommend making your own index of key pages or using abbreviations (Maria writes “BL” next to any beautiful language, for example).

Final Words

These were the 5 best ways to remember what you read. These tips and tricks helped me a lot. I hope they work for you as well. Remember, reading is the reflection of a person’s mind. If you are dedicated to reading books it is important to follow the rules such as no distractions, keep yourself hydrated, go crazy with marginalia, peaceful environment, and a highlighter would do just great.

Thank you~ have a nice day 🙂

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