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TaDA! Welcome back on ReadaZon. I hope you’re doing wonderful and I hope you will find this knowledgeable article helpful. In my previous post, I’ve shared top 5 productive books to read, you better check that out it’s amazing. Let’s get to the point, What do you like to do in your free time? How about reading novels? Urdu novels? Yeah, In today’s article, I would like to share 10 best Urdu novels you will love to read in your free time.

Before start let me tell you one thing I’ve read following all the suggested novels myself. Believe me, they’re all good and mind-blowing to read. I would definitely recommend you something worth reading. Stay tuned, read the article till the end and do share your thoughts in the comment below.

10 BEST Urdu novels to READ in your Free Time

1- Pir-E-Kamil by Umera Ahmad

Umera Ahmad is a Pakistani author and screenwriter. She gained instant popularity when she published her very first novel ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ in a woman monthly digest, Khawateen in 1998.

Pir e Kamil by umera Ahmed

Pir-E-Kamil, meaning ‘The Perfect Mentor’ is also a novel written by Umera Ahmad. Pir-E-Kamil is probably the best novel I’ve ever read in my life. This is a story of two peoples: a girl named Imama Hashim, and a boy Salar Sikandar with an IQ of 150 above.

Imama Hashim, an Ahmadi Muslim girl wants to convert to Sunni Islam. Where Salar Sikandar, have some complicated theories about life. He is a rich neighbor of Imama Hashim, destiny maneuvers their lives to cross each other’s paths; eventually, Salar falls in love with Imama.

Pir-E-Kamil is undoubtedly the great work of Umera Ahmad. The novel followed by the sequel Aab-E-Hayat. This is the probably one of the best Urdu novels you would love to read

2- Paras by Nemrah Ahmed

When I was in grade 11, I started to read Urdu novels and I remember Paras by Nemrah Ahmed was the first novel that I started to read. I was so amazed after reading Urdu novels. I have always been an English fan, but reading out some Urdu made me realized your native language is the BEST.

Paras by Nemrah Ahmed

This novel is based on the life incidents of Paras, a poor girl who lived with her cruel step-mother and step-brother. She becomes rich after her husband Rizwan died in an accident, he was too old for her. He owned a chain of hotels countrywide and leaves everything for his wife.

Don’t be surprised, the real question is was it really an accident? Rizwan’s brother and sister don’t think so. They have decided to take revenge for their brother’s murder in every way possible, even murdering Paras. Is it the revenge they want? or the wealth of their dead brother’s?

I would definitely count this in the list of 10 best Urdu novels for you to read in free time.

3- Humsafar by Farhat Ishtiaq

Humsafar is a romantic novel written by Farhat Ishtiaq. The main characters are Ashar and Khirad, a married couple. The story revolves around their relationship with their daughter, Hareem. The novel is mostly based on flashbacks, half of the story covers Ashar’s perspective, while the other half story covers Khirad’s point of view.

Humsafar was the greatest novel of its time and it has been adapted into a drama serial (Humsafar) produced and directed by Momina Duraid and Sarmad Sultan Khoosat respectively. The drama was aired on Hum TV from September 2011 to February 2012.

4- Mushaf by Nemrah Ahmed

Honestly, Nemrah Ahmed is also one of the best authors in Pakistan. Mushaf is a novel about a helpless orphan girl, she discovers the real meaning of the Holy Quran and it helps her cope with the vagaries of her miserable life. I didn’t read this novel but one of my friends did, and she recommended me to read this for about 100 times. I will take some time someday to read Mushaf.

5- Raja Gidh by Bano Qudsia

Bano Qudsia, a famous Pakistani novelist, playwright, and spiritualist. She was also known as Bano Aapa, and she also wrote literature in Urdu. While she produces novels, dramas, and short movies she can be best recognized by her novel Raja Gidh.

Raja Gidh by Bano Qudsia

Raja Gidh by Bano Qudsia is one of the most widely read and acclaimed Urdu novels. What the word ‘Raja Gidh’ means? Raja Gidh, a combined Urdu word, where Raja means ‘The King’ and Gidh is a word for a vulture. So the word anticipates ‘The Kingdom of vultures’. This is an allegorical story of such a kingdom is narrated. The metaphor of the vulture as an animal feeding mostly on the carcasses of dead animals is employed to portray the trespassing of ethical limits imposed by society or by the religion.

6- Bano by Razia Butt

Bano is an Urdu novel by the Pakistani novelist, Razia Butt. This novel is considered one of her best literary works. The novel has been dramatized both for films and television, Dastaan by Hum TV. It is set in the days before and after the independence in Ludhiana, Punjab Province and subsequently, Pakistan. The novel is based on a female protagonist, Bano and the events of independence plays a major role in the story.

Bano by Razia Butt

Although, I haven’t got the chance to read this novel it is in my bookshelf waiting for me to pick it up. I will surely recommend this to read because of my nerdy novel lover friend. However, I would still count it on the list of best Urdu novels.

7- Hasil by Umera Ahmad

I remember when I issued Hasil from the library of my college, that for sure my friend has suggested me to read. At first, I was like what’s that title about? Hasil –> meaning ‘Reward’ and I said to my friend ‘Seriously?’ she said ‘come on! give it a try’. As I started to read the first page I was fully focused, I mean the novel contains some kind of attraction that made me forgot my surroundings for a while and I was in a completely different world.

Hasil by Umera Ahmed

Hasil by Umera Ahmad is a novel highlights the importance of religion in a Muslim’s life. This is the story of a boy named Hadeed, a neglected child raised in a luxurious but abusive environment. His extreme insecurities and dissatisfaction with life lead him to make a dangerous decision. He is a Muslim but he wanted to convert to Christianity, while he was learning about Christianity he met a strange Christian girl named Saania. Hadeed’s life begins anew.

8- Jannat Kay Pattay by Nemrah Ahmed

Jannat Kay Pattay by Nemrah Ahmed is a novel consist of an LLB (Hons) student Haya Suleman. A girl with a traditional family background, her life took an interesting turn when she received a scholarship to study a five-month semester at a university in Turkey. She was super excited to go, but it’s life sweetheart it never goes the right way.

The tragedy happens when someone leaked a private video of her made at a party on the internet. She has to keep the video away from the eyes of her family members and to avoid any complications, she immediately contacts an officer of the Cyber Crime Cell. It seems like he is not interested in removing the video but the fact is the officer already knew so much about her.

Jannat kay pattay by Nemrah Ahmed

Jannat Kay Pattay (Leaves of Heaven) will definitely prove most of your guesses wrong. One of the most mysterious story, that will probably amaze you at the end cause its secrets are safe will the last sentence.

9- Darbar-e-Dil by Umera Ahmad

I don’t know why but anything is written by Umera Ahmad always amazes me. Darbar-e-Dil (Court of Love), a story of a simple girl Meher Sami, who prays five times a day, fasts during the month of Ramadan, never lies and considers love ‘a huge waste of time’. She is so proud of the fact that her prayers are always listened to and answered by Allah and pays no attention to what her friends have to say about love.

Darbar-e-dil by Umera Ahmad

Her friends are pretty jealous of her ability to devote her life so completely to Allah without the care of the world. As I mentioned earlier, it is life and it never goes the way we expect it to be. Meher Sami also get involved with a boy unintentionally. This is the story of transformation from good to bad.

10- Bin Roye Ansoo by Farhat Ishtiaq

Farhat Ishtiaq is a Pakistani writer, author, and screenwriter. She is best known for her romantic novels, Bin Roye Ansoo also serves as her best romantic novel. Farhat Ishtiaq mostly focuses on Pakistani society that’s why her novels are realistic. Bin Roye Ansoo is a simple love story, written in a simple manner but with a touch of class and novelty.Bin Roye ansoo by farhat ishtiaq

The author has always expressed human feelings and emotions in her stories. Saba Shafiq is the main character in this story and her feelings are expressed wonderfully by the author, which will surely make you feel the same emotions of love, happiness, and sorrow.

So, this was the list of 10 Best Urdu novels for you to read in your free time, and I hope you enjoyed it. Novels and Books both are essential, and reading them has been the biggest joy ever because books never betray you and they are kind, full of guidance and knowledge.

10 BEST Urdu novels you will love to READ in your Free Time | ReadaZon

When I pick a book to read I feel like I am completely in a different world. I keep imagining things that are happening in the book, and when someone disturbs me while I read that’s seriously annoying. I hate it when someone interrupts my reading.

That’s all for today’s article I hope you like it do mention in the comments below if I am missing anything. Also, suggest me some good novels to read as well so that I can review them. Thank you so much for your attention I appreciate it. Take care.

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